What just happened?

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Hey! Hello! Hola! Merhaba!

WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED? Wow. So much to say, so much to blog about! Loralai being in Spain, me heading on a five day break, some quick home time chills (what even are those?) and then our family holiday to Turkey. Oh and I can’t forget the Rotovirus that’s just wiped out my family now can I? All of this and more will be coming over the next few weeks, lot’s of holiday and sunshine chat with a side order of doom and gloom.

I’ve spent a little time today making some small changes to the website, I’ve had a little time to think about 2Mermaidz, my time and head space. It’s been nice learning about myself, I’ll be putting this into a blog too but for now I just wanted to check in, say hey and let you know what’s coming! I shared this weeks #titsandtearz on Friday you can read it here …

You can get in touch anytime if you have any questions about breastfeeding or if you would like to feature – just drop me an email.

I’m hoping to get my Benidorm trip into a post for you all next week or maybe I’ll do some work on the newly titled page Boob Talk (formally breastfeeding), as that space needs some work. I also keep saying I’m going to share in there … Anyway, not adding any pressure to myself with the way this last week has been.

Have a lovely Sunday you beautiful humans.


Shopping small and more holiday FEELS

Next week I have something exciting to share with you all, I’m not giving anything away just yet – I’ll be blogging on Monday about the AMAZE Bec from https://www.instagram.com/jokerzgetleftbehind/


There’ll be no #titsandtearz next week – I’ll let you know more about that during the week because the Mama guilt is REAL right now.

You can catch up on all things 2Mermaidz here – http://2mermaidz.com/blog/ I finally managed to share my feelings about Loralai’s trip to Spain. You can also read this weeks #titsandtearz feature Becky, just follow the link below.

We have a BIG week coming up, I feel SOOO many things right now!


Full of the busy

What a BABE.

Next week I’ll be blogging all things Loralai, since y’know she’s left me for Spain. I have a bunch of snaps to share from our London trip and I figured I’d give you all a little run down on how busy we are over the next few weeks!

I’m planning on a blog post for the breastfeeding page too – that’s the only empty space left since the update. I have SO much I want to share, all my fave boobie people and brands!!

There was no #titsandtearz this week as I was away, but if you follow the link you can catch up on all the other boobie Mama’s.


Embroidery and boob talk!


This week I blogged in our shop small page for the first time since the update! I have SO many exciting places to share with you. Missed this week’s feature? Natalie is AMAZE. You can read it here …


Friday’s #titsandtearz featured Kayla, she talks openly about her journey through IVF and miscarriages. How she worked so hard to breastfeed, the advice and support she got alongside soaking up the times when her daughter feeds.

Next week I’ll be sharing my thoughts and feelings about Loralai going on holiday with her Nana, I think I’ll post in the breastfeeding page too as it’s the last space to get some content since the update!


Next week with 2Mermaidz

I’m excited to be blogging about my time with Katie’s Garden (https://www.katiesgardenuk.com/), I’ll be sharing some Tattered Thread LOVE (https://www.instagram.com/tattered_thread/) and of course a new Mama for #titsandtearz.

Here’s a sneak peak of Loralai with her Mandrake – SUPER CUTE.

Crafting with @katiesgarden in the @stacknewcastle

You can catch up on my latest blog post and Mama feature here …



We are BACK!

2Mermaidz has been on the back burner for a little while, not for long – but too long for my liking! I’ve been wanting to update the website for a while now and it’s been bugging me SO much, kind of hated that I haven’t had the time but I AM BACK! I built the website in 2017, spent hours and hours editing, making it look the way I wanted, adding things in and taking stuff away – a lot! I’ve ran this space for over two years now and although it’s grown and changed a lot in that time, I really felt like it needed a new look. I’ve enjoyed having a play around with Word Press, in the end I choose to stick with my original theme for the layout. I much prefer this one to the others but I’ve welcomed the update with open arms, Word Presses update that is. I was a little scared and kept my settings to classic, I have to admit that I am a fan! I love the blocks and colours you can use for your posts.

Anyway, I hope you like what I’ve done with the space. I’ve spent so much time on it and I am MEGA HAPPY that I’ve finally managed to do it! I am loving the black background, what do you think? From next week I’ll be back to weekly blog posts alongside the amaze Mama’s for #titsandtearz features. I have so much to say!! The breastfeeding and shopping small pages won’t be readable until I post new blogs in there – I’m starting a fresh in those spaces.

Thanks for following along you lush humans. Peace outtt.

Me and my number one BABES.

2Mermaidz – Blog update!

The website is currently undergoing an update, please bare with me while I make it all shiny and new. Some pages may not be readable at this time but everything will be back to normal ASAP.

Much LOVE!

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Information + Contact Details For #titsandtearz

#titsandtearz is a space I have created for women to connect, talk, encourage, share real experiences and more on breastfeeding.

On the website you can head to the #titsandtearz page to read all the amazing, different and unique breastfeeding stories. A new story is posted most Friday’s.

You can follow along on Instagram too, just search the hashtag. There’s a wonderful community of women talking all things boob!

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Normalising Breastfeeding.

AMAZE art work from Taynee Tinsley.


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Little Peach London



First Latch


La Leche League GB


NHS/Start 4 Life


Breastfeeding Aversion


Nat The Natural Mom


2Mermaidz – #titsandtearz



Breastfeeding Magazine


Normalize Breastfeeding Official


Normalize Breastfeeding


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