I made a poo for you.

One of the first things Loralai said to me this morning was …

“Mammy I made a wee and a poo for you, it’s big and old, can you smell it?”.

It instantly made me smile, I just love the things she comes out with! Even if it is toilet related.

We’ve had SUCH a long day, an early morning bath, two doctors visits, we met Kelly and Jacob for breakfast, my Mam/Nanna Jules for lunch and then finally Lisa and Rubee for hangs! We’ve been in and out of shops, chatted, eaten and had lots of fun. I love it when I get to see friends, it’s not as easy when you have a kid or when ALL of you have kids. But even if the moments are a quick 40 minute breakfast they just make you feel HAPPY and HUMAN.

Today we’ve had a good day, it’s made me think how much Loralai has an effect on my happiness. Don’t get me wrong there’s often times of pure tiredness or L has a grumpy day and I have plenty feelings of being FRAZZLED. It’s part of being a Mam isn’t it. But she just makes me SO happy, if I’m not with her and I think about her or I hear our

Favourite dance busting move song EVER …

I just feel amazing. It’s the same feeling I got this morning when she told me about making a poo. The feeling I got watching her being so kind and gentle with Jacob and Rubee. When she said hello to about 10 strangers today. I’m glad she’s around because she’s my happiness fix.

I sometimes get a little down because I’m always ill, back and forth to the doctors for my thyroid and bloods. At the moment I have some crazy stomach problems that the GP can’t seem to get to the bottom of. L came in with me today as she always does, but she was just an absolute ray of sunshine, nattering away with the doctor, helping me up on the bed, telling me I’ll be ok and I’ll get better. I just love our bond, she’s my best friend.

So after a long but fun, feeling human and doing stuff day, me and L snuggled on the couch and watched almost naked animals. We LOVE cartoons!

Here is L with J today, sharing a hug.

This photo is a treasured one, the Murray’s and McGeough’s have a beautiful story and a long lasting friendship.

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