Mammy Louise Murray.


When Loralai meets anyone she always introduces herself with her full name, it’s one of her little quirks. She had her injections this week and introduced me to the nurse as Mammy Louise Murray, it was THE cutest. It’s the first time she’s said it, she normally says Sarah, I loved it!

So … Yeah … Injections.

I spoke to L a few times in the week or so up to her needles (as we like to call them). I told her she would be amazing, super brave and that she could have a new toy and lunch out somewhere. I most definitely know out of the two of us it was me who was the most worried. I remember her baby injections, not so nice either. It’s not nice seeing your baby cry, poked, prodded and upset for a day or two. But this time she’s three, actually three and a half. She knows what’s coming, she will remember it and I know she’ll be talking about it LOTS.

She went in, got one injection, kind of looked a bit ‘what are you doing, but I’m ok’ then she realised the nurse had a second one. She looked at me, cried one little tear (which felt like a thousand) and said “don’t do it to me, I don’t want anymore Mammy”.


Ugh, it was just awful. She was amazing. Seconds after she was all full of beans asking for three stickers, one for each shoe and one for her dress. Because who doesn’t want stickers on their shoes? All day I felt bad, I held her arms while the nurse did her stuff and it’s engrained in my brain for life. It definitely balanced out with her getting a new Trolls toy, we had lunch out too. We mooched around the shops, had loads of cuddles, kisses and a bunch of you are AWESOMENESS that made it all ok.

She told as many people as she could that she’d had her needles and that she was brave. She was super proud.

THAT my friends is MY TINY HUMAN, mine. And she rocks.


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