Broke Thursdays.

I love having Mam friends. I don’t have many and the ones I do have I don’t see as much as I would like but aren’t they good?

Today was one of those days, I got some Mam hangs! I met Sam a few years back at a gig, we both sat near each other and quickly began nattering. We soon realised that both our partners played in the band. We had a few drinks, a dance, fast forward 5/6 years and we are both married and babied up. We don’t see each other all the time, I mean who can with life, jobs, babies and all the stuff in between?

I really like Sam, I know we can have a laugh, it’s always chilled and even though months can pass it’s never awkward. Our little ladies played all day looking at dinosaur bones in the museum, eating snacks and they also kind of got told off from this really rude woman?? For playing near some flowers. Anyway they held hands and I even heard an “I love you” between them. Awww.

Anyway the point of my blog is I love it when people just get life like Sam does, we had arranged soft play a few weeks back but because I am skint I asked to change our date to a free one. Sometimes people get skint, sick, or don’t feel like leaving the house because their SUPER sleepy or just need a day at home. I like it when people get that, when they understand you are skint or need a day at home. Because that’s life.

One of the things I’ve learnt as I’ve gotten older and becoming a Mam is not to get held up on the missed dates, the rearranging or not messaging in a while. I guess I’m trying to say I know I’m supportive of all that and I just really like it when people get that too! Us Mam’s have SO much to do and it’s 24/7, I’m feeling the Mam love today can you tell?

So today was my broke Thursday BUT my day was awesome with Sam, Ralph and the girls!

PS, Mam’s Rule.


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