2Mermaidz meets James Jam

Back when I started 2Mermaidz I knew straight away that I wanted a logo, so I made one. I used paint and created a little something, I am in no way an artist but I was happy with it, I liked it. I used it all over the website, on our Instagram and Facebook and it’s been the only profile picture I’ve ever used. Fast forward to now and I have another little in my life, my Marceline Mavis who is forever looking up to her big sister Loralai.

Man I love my GRL GANG.

I just knew we needed a new logo.

I was asked a lot during my pregnancy if I was going to change our 2Mermaidz to 3Mermaidz and my answer has always been no, it will always be no. I love how much everything has evolved and I know it will continue to do so but I want it to always have some roots. It’s 2Mermaidz, something I spent a LONG time thinking about, I was with Loralai at the time, snuggled up in bed. I loved it and that was it, I worked through Instagram and online to check nobody else had used it, it was free, it was ours.

I started 2Mermaidz as a fashion account, ha. It’s a far cry from that now, two huge Instagram picture delete sessions, some re-thinking, re-focusing, not comparing myself to others and getting pregnant etc. But once I started blogging and getting into Instagram I knew straight away it was changing, like I said before it’s evolved, it’s always going to evolve. Because we all do, don’t we? I love sharing my motherhood, alongside stuff we love and the incredible breastfeeding stories, there’s still a little fashion in there too because I chat shopping small, it’s a big feature and also the fact that I am currently living my fashion life through L … While my postpartum body changes.

Anyway, lets talk all things James shall we? If you haven’t already checked him out from my feed, please do, WHAT A GUY. I met James through my husband, they are best mates, James lives in London so we don’t get to see him as much as we would like but when we hang it’s always good times. Loralai loves him and she literally hasn’t stopped talking about him and his wonderful wife Kat since their wedding a few weeks back. He has a wonderful, creative mind and soul, he’s so kind, funny, talented and of course it helps that my kids love the guy. I’ve been watching from a far, his art work that is. Man it’s cool, SO up my street, I just love it. I’d been thinking about asking him to make us a logo for a while and when I did I was super excited, he was away on his honeymoon and I was thinking it would be a while before I’d get an answer, then he surprised me … by sending it to my husband, I screamed. I wanted to share it straight away, then I wanted to ‘reveal’ it and ugh what a carry on I’ve had with that, BUT I am showing it right now, in all it’s perfect glory. Did I mention I love it?

So yeyyy, here is our new logo people, I AM IN LOVE.

It’s scaled down a little for this blog post, but just look. It has my new hair and specs, my little baby M and my beautiful L, her cheeky grin. It’s just us, and I know I’ve said this but I love it. And I love James, thank YOU so much for creating something that makes me feel so happy.

James does so much with his art work, his wedding was beautifully creative with his drawings, I’ll add in some snaps, he also has an Etsy page, I have his haunted bag which I wore with pride at his wedding. He creates zines and comics and he often donates money to charities (big love), he takes on drawing animals and us humans, the list is long. This guy is just cool ok. I’ll link up his Instagram and shop!

Happy new logo day to us, out with the old …

And in with the new …

Here’s James’s deets …



Some wedding snaps …

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