Hello Big School

Following on from ‘Goodbye Little L’

We set our alarms for super early, like 6am early. We don’t do mornings very well, actually Loralai loves mornings but we take a little more time to come around. We were trying to figure out a ‘school routine time frame’, my eyeballs hurt that day, they really did.

Loralai’s first week was a mixture of mornings and afternoons, her first day was the Tuesday and although my stomach was in knots and everyone (especially me) thought I would ball my eyes out at the gates, I didn’t. I couldn’t believe I didn’t cry, it was around 11:40am when I saw the school ringing me. OMG what’s happened, is she ok? Has she had an accident, what do I do?

”Hi, is that Loralai’s Mam? She’s still waiting for you to pick her up”.

My heart sank, me and Ricky thought the first pick up was 12:30pm, I couldn’t believe on her first day we had left her! We jumped in the car and headed straight for the school, luckily and now funnily enough another set of parents thought the same thing, plus they knew each other from nursery so it brought everyone some comfort! After the initial shock and OMGG moments, I gave her a huge hug as we all walked to the car.

”I’ve made you something Mammy”.

As we got into the car she passed me a little paper bag, inside it had a penguin biscuit, a tea bag, a tissue and a poem from her teachers. Ricky started to drive as I read the first line … FLOODS of tears came out and I literally couldn’t speak. I tried to keep reading the poem out loud and I couldn’t.

”Mammy this biscuit is for you, we can share it and you can have the bigger bit. Do you know there’s a tissue for your tears Mam”. 

There they are, there’s those tears you knew were coming.

Goodbye emotions and hello to Loralai’s first ever sickness bug!! Yup, one whole day at school and she catches a bug! She was up for three whole hours being sick, we had to put a bunch of her stuff in the bin, she was sick in the bath, she ended up in my bed with a bucket, ahh the list could go on. Poor bloody soul, I was so gutted she was unwell but also massively gutted she would be missing time during her first week. School said to keep her away for 48 hours, so we did. She was totally fine by the Thursday, she napped and watched movies on the Wednesday. And that was it, week one done!

Her second week consisted of five full days, that was it, officially in! Homework straight away and talks of ‘I don’t know what I did today Mam’. One of the things I’d been trying to figure out was the bus routes, the times and guess what? NONE are in sync with the school/getting us anywhere near to our house. I have to add that we live close enough to school, in the car its under 10 minutes (that’s with traffic), walking is around 20 minutes but up a very steep hill which is now my best fitness friend … Haha. Day one of that was TOUGH, actually the first week, week and a half I couldn’t breathe when I got to her school, sweating and gasping for air. Now I just feel a burn in my legs, a little hot if the suns out but only a few weeks in and there is a dramatic health difference (for me). Basically Ricky drops her off, I walk up and back down to pick her up and bring her home. At first she really wasn’t enjoying the walking home but now we chat about her day and it doesn’t seem like two minutes and we are home!

Lets see how I feel about that when it crazy rains and snows …

Ricky had a week tour with the band shortly after Loralai started school, which is one of the reasons why I held off going back to work. New house, new area, new school, routine … AHHH. So yeah it made sense, WHAT A WEEK. I am going to blog about that week separately but I have to mention that during that time I got up everyday at 6am (ahhh), got us all up and out of the house, up to the school and back, it felt very military, but I did it. I impressed myself, but of course there were things to remind me that nothing can ever be perfect, who was I trying to kid? Marceline crawled as soon as Ricky left! Spanner in the works, she crawled to my sitting room plant and eat the soil, TWICE. She also climbed out of/fell out of her high chair which made me so ill, that night I was still awake at 3am! So lets just say that although I bossed the school runs, THIS MAMA WAS TIRED AF.

So, weeks down the line I don’t feel the lump in my throat, the tears in my eyes, I still worry (who doesn’t?) and I’ve learnt a thing or two.


School Friends – I still don’t know their names but Loralai sounds like she’s having fun, haha.

Mam/School Yard Friends – I’m super chatty but have found that people stick to who they know, I talk to a few Mam’s and it’s pretty much been the same since day one.

School Dinners – Are mouth watering, what an amazing improvement since my childhood!

Home Work – She has LOADS, and I am enjoying it more than I thought. She already knows some words from her reading homework, HEART MELT.

School Shoes – We are on to pair THREE, my Mam bought her some and on her first day they didn’t fit. Luckily she had some school Kickers but they were the next size up. Being boots it hasn’t been too bad but they are too big so I’ve been out to buy another pair!

Moments – When she comes home with a sticker or a note to say she’s done something well, it gets you in the feels. She’s already had the head teachers award and I am so proud. Her sticker collection is pretty cool too.

Accidents – I’m guessing she is ‘that kid’ who falls all the time, she’s come home with so many accident slips, my heart is kind of in my throat with nerves!

Big School – It’s not as scary as I thought, I knew Loralai would be fine, it’s been me and Marceline actually, who have had to adjust to her not being around. I still long for school holidays and weekends because she is the COOLEST kid to hang with. And man I bloody miss her, I’m treasuring her even more than I did.

Oh and she is CRAZY sleepy, but she disagrees!

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