Mam! This is my worst ever dream.

Aaahh how I have missed using Loralai’s words for the blog! She said ”Mam! I hate skirts, this is my worst ever dream” the other day when she was getting dressed for school. I had to look away and smirk really quickly before I turned around to talk to her. Kids are so funny. She has refused to wear trousers since, well, for ages and has never worn any for school. Then out of the blue she hates skirts and wants trousers! Such an interesting bean Loralai, you quirky thing you.

It feels SOO good to be back blogging. I’m just so excited, motivated and feeling super organised. I feel like the world is my oyster! How about a little catch up on things? I think the main thing for me is that I have finally set up my own shop, eek.

Yup, MerPinz has finally become a reality and I am LOVING IT. It has taken some time to adjust to a new routine, as such. Before it was Mama life, part time work and the blog. Now I have added a shop into the mix – I really don’t know where I find the time. Unfortunately the blog took a little hit, it was the one thing I took a break from. Plus I was mega keen to update the website and give it this new look, which I am also LOVING. I took a week off work and I thought to myself – time to blog! But nope, life is just so busy with two little humans and all the other things. I did get a little time to update the website and I am thankful it’s finally done. WHOOP. WHOOP. YEAAA.

So I’ll be back to weekly blog posts from this week. You’ll either have some Mama update from me or I’ll be sharing a blog post in one of my other pages, breastfeeding or shopping small. I have SO much to say for each space so be prepared for all the chats. Weekly Mama features for #titsandtearz will also be happening – every Friday! I was very strict whilst I was away from blogging, I made sure that #titsandtearz still happened as I know how much you all love the feeding journeys.

While I’ve been away from the blog, I’ve been doing a lot of napping, YASS.

All the sleepy snuggles with M.

Spending some quality time with my husband, we even managed a trip away to Glasgow. We didn’t get married there – I just bloody love this picture from our wedding. Glasgow was AMAZE though, I really want to go back. We stayed in an Air B+B, eat lush food, went to a gig and then had one the best breakfast’s I’ve ever had – in one of the coolest spots ever. I was so happy that I had scouted the place out on Instagram before we went! –

Wedding day – back in October 2016.

I’ve had actual real life ALONE TIME, with my friends. Drinks, a comedy gig and even a sleepover. Literally giving me life. It’s SOO important to be you, have fun and just let loose. Yes we are Mam’s but we are still humans who need to dance, have a cocktail or giggles with friends. I have so many things coming up with friends, and I can’t WAIT.

Lucy, Max and me – my first, PROPER, real night out. All the dranks!
All the giggles and wine with Kirsty @thestandcomedyclub

Lot’s of stuff. Lot’s of hangs, lot’s of LOVE. Mixed in with my littles, the school run, house work and setting up shop. A bunch of illnesses, trips out, prepping for HOLIDAYS! Ah the list could go on. I just thought a little update was needed, and I am SO happy to be back! Going to finish off this post with a snap of the coolest human I’ve ever met.


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