Easter Feels.

My Babes.

It’s Easter!! And we welcome the school holidays – for us Northerner’s that is, two weeks off the school run! YASS. Weeks filled of with chocolate, chilled mornings, play dates – anything to keep the littles happy and us parents sane.

Our timings haven’t worked out so well this time, Loralai is going to Spain on Sunday with her Nana Julie. EEEKK. I’m full of excitement for her, the lovely weather and all those amazing memories to be made but man am I ANXIOUS. I’ve had every possible accident run through my head, I already feel sick with worry and I really don’t know what I’ll do, or all three of us for that matter.

Marceline misses Loralai when she’s at school, what will she be like for a week? AAAHH. Listen I am so excited, I am. It’s amazing having a holiday and when you are a kid everything is a thousand times bigger and better – I know she’s going to have such a good time. AND she’s in safe hands, she’s with my Mam so … Yea. BUTT I am still full of worry, I can guarantee I won’t sleep and I’ll probably be half a stone lighter from the stress.

But back to the timings. I have work this week, two late shifts so that’s those days gone. I’m going to London on Friday (YEY) but that’s another two days away from her. We get back on Saturday so that gives us time to hang with her and the flight is late afternoon Sunday – so ALLLL the snuggles, kisses, play time, movie watching and things will be crammed in as much as possible.

I packed her case a few weeks back, I plan on checking it over this week so I can make sure she’s all set. She’s got some lovely new bits, thanks to Nana Jules, and that’s worked out nice as we have a family holiday in May. We’re off to Turkey, I’ve never been so if any of you have any recommend things to do just pop them in the comments!

I feel like next week when I blog I’ll be full of tears and snot! Anyway, I hope you all have some lovely plans this Easter. Whether that is family time, meeting friends or trips away! I am LOVING not doing the school run and it’s only day one haha. Excited for all the chocolate too!

Already missing this little cheeky face.

Wish me luck for next week, I’ll need all the love I can get!

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