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Hey I’m Sarah Lou, thanks for checking us out. I’m currently blogging in between breastfeeding, nappy changes and hanging with my oldest babe aka having kitchen dance parties and playing with LOL dolls.

Loralai and Marceline are basically my GRL GANG.

On 2Mermaidz the main blog features all things Mam, kid and babe. It’s like a diary of our adventures with bits of advice too. You’ll also find pages covering breastfeeding, my #titsandtearz project, and shopping small.

#titsandtearz is a space I have created to share women’s breastfeeding stories, anything from one feed to four years, expressing or exclusively feeding, donating or combine feeding, I am sharing it ALL.

I started this project after experiencing totally different feeding journeys with my girls, I didn’t realise how hard breastfeeding could be until I breastfed the second time around. I had such an easy time with Loralai and after those earlier and super hard days with Marceline, I can appreciate how lucky I was with Loralai.

After I went through an emotional rollercoaster I knew I wanted to create a space for women to chat about how different breastfeeding can be. I have massive amounts of respect for any woman who tries breastfeeding, it’s so hard and emotional, but also really rewarding and beautiful.

Come and join the conversation on Instagram using the hashtag #titsandtearz, you can read lot’s of incredible women’s stories weekly on the website too.

Want to share your story? Get in touch lovelies.

Meet the GRL GANG

 Here are some snaps and things so you can get to know us a little better.

Sarah Lou

My girls are my world, as cheesy as this sounds my husband is my best friend, even though he snores! I love tattoo’s, my arms and legs are covered but there’s always room for more, obvs. I can’t stop binge watching series on Netflix, I love fashion, cheese, changing my hair and being with friends.

I work part time for a charity, helping local young people. I blog, overshare, love to shop small and I am FINALLY making my own pins.



”I like cowboy yogurts, flowers, Marceline, when I need help I get Mammy and Daddy, I like my Ariel book, Lego Batman and the Wolf.”

Loralai is very artistic, she loves to perform and sing! Has taken on my love of clothes and Halloween. She has a HUGE heart and is the funniest kid I know.


Loves being snuggled, she’s a boob monster, has the cutest face and amazing dark hair.

Marceline has now lost her black hair, is the most laid back baby EVER, smiles 24/7 and laughs at her sister more than anything else. She is a petite bundle of perfection!