Breastfeeding Mama’s! I have found the most beautiful boob friendly dresses and I just had to share with you all! I found Ruma on Instagram a little while back and I instantly messaged to ask if I could write up a blog, I’ve had this post bullet pointed and ready to share for sometime so I am SUPER happy it’s finally time to share.

Best place to start is always with some snaps right?

Best thing? They are SO current, fashionable AND don’t look like the breastfeeding dresses online. Which if you don’t already know, are 99% of the time … Awful.

This one if my FAVE.

It was the first dress I seen by Ruma and I still love it SO much, I think a Mama treat is in order.

I can see summer time, holidays, even autumn with some nice tights and winter all snuggled with a big cardi. These dresses are just so beautiful, they have the invisible zip which I have found to be such a great way to make clothes breastfeeding friendly.

Ruma have so many different prints and styles to offer, another fave of mine is this beautiful dress, just look at that collar!


So why do I like Ruma? The dresses of course are stunning, easy access for us boobie Mama’s (and totally wearable once feeding has stopped) BUT when I read ‘About us’ on their website I totally related to what they were saying. Both times when I have breastfed my girls I have struggled to dress in my style, feel ‘me’ and then to come across a shop who are working hard to not only help with this but who are also ensuring their clothes are ethically made, UK sized and being fashion conscious – I was sold!

Ruma’s Mission

At Ruma, we recognise that even though you are now a breastfeeding mother, you are also an individual with a unique sense of style.

We believe that our designs will enable women to breastfeed with comfort and ease, creating a happy, healthy, and fulfilling breastfeeding journey for both mother and baby.
Our mission is to create a fashion brand that calls for a change in attitudes towards breastfeeding, by creating clothes just as beautiful as the nursing women who wear them.

Ladies, please check out this AMAZING brand and go say hey over on Instagram too.

I can’t wait to treat myself to a dress or two, and they have just realised their AW18 collection …

View this post on Instagram

Introducing the first few styles from our AW18 collection! We wanted to introduce some “mum friendly” pieces that you can wear during your breastfeeding journey and beyond. The HATTIE pinafore dress in teal corduroy couldn’t be more on trend and the OLVIA linen look dungaree is literally the comfiest piece of clothing EVER! Both feature big pockets for all you mum parafunalia 😉 We hope you love the new collection as much as we do 💕🤱 #breastfeeding #breastfeedingfashion #breastfeedingclothes #breastfeedingdress #handmadeclothes #madeintheuk #breastfeedinginpublic #canibreastfeedinituk #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingisbeautiful #normalizebreastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding #mumblogger #dresslikeamum #mumlife #mumswithhustle #mumpreneur #mumdresscode #whatmamawore

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And Out Come The Boobs

COOLEST of the cool!! Tee’s for us breastfeeding Mama’s, so quirky, lots of options and custom tops too. I entered myself into a giveaway and luckily I won two breastfeeding tops from the AMAZE And Out Come The Boobs. I’ve waited a little while to blog so I could have a few wears, get a few snaps, and actually see if these boobie tops work for me.

They came gift wrapped in leopard print, if you don’t love leopard print we can’t be friends ok? So serious love from the get go! I got some stickers too which I have added to my collection, I’m yet to decide what I’m doing with them all but we can leave that thinking for another day. So if you follow the blog you’ll know I actually tried out ‘breastfeeding friendly’ tops from two different high street shops, and they were pants! I had to give them away because they exposed me way too much, were fiddly and I just felt a bit UGH.

So when I’m trying out new clothes, I am always excited to see how things go. Here is a few recent snaps of me and Marceline, out and about, and boobin!

This was the first time I wore one of the tops, I can’t believe how well the zips are hidden. My husband didn’t realise it even had zips until I told him to check them out when I went to feed M!

Any Stranger Things fans? Like me? This is literally my go to top at the moment, I feel like ME when I wear it which can often feel hard (for me anyway) with an ever changing postpartum body and (usually) not to my style breastfeeding clothes.


I actually struggled choosing the custom top, there was a Beetle Juice one and Alice in Wonderland, amongst a few other faves. I changed my mind about five times and then finally settled on the coolest one, Stranger Things is MINT.

I made this photo for world breastfeeding week, I thought it was a good way to end the week!


I put on my And Out Come The Boobs top because I feel like this tee really celebrates us punky boobie Mama’s!

I took this little selfie the other day whilst using a new feeding space in my local shopping centre, they have big comfy chairs so I thought I’d check them out. I ended up chatting to a lovely Mam who’s little was a similar age to M, we laughed about feeding at this age, the foot in the air type feeds … As you can see!

Last few snaps for this post, I wore this whilst out shopping. I had the busiest day planned and I was literally out of the house ALL day, I wanted to look nice and get to my boobs easily for feeds, boom – And Out Come The Boobs tee to the rescue!!

Have you checked out the lovely ladies and their unreal collection of tee’s on Instagram?

You can also find their shop here …

And here is a little about them too!

…And Out Come The Boobs is the idea of two punk moms who just couldn’t find nursing clothes that made them feel like their badass punk selves. It’s hard enough being a parent to a tiny human without the added struggle of finding clothes that make you feel like you!

Knowing there must be other people who felt the same as us (and sticking to the true punk ethos of DIY) we decided to set up …And Out Come The Boobs – helping nursing parents reclaim their punk identities one nursing shirt at a time!

Hannah and April live in the Bay Area, but are originally from London, UK and Southern California. Hannah has a 1 year old and another tiny punk joining the family in 2018. She loves The Clash, Cock SParrer and X Ray Spex. April has two grown up children (and a gorgeous grandson), and welcomed her third baby to the family in early 2017. She is a pin-up model and loves the The Popes, Angry Samoans and Shane MacGowan. They bonded over a shared appreciation for Dolly Parton…

All our shirts are practical and comfortable to nurse in – we know because we’ve tested the designs ourselves. They have been hand customized to allow easy access while protecting the design of the shirt.

We also offer a customization service for any shirts that you love and want to turn into nursing tops. We love it when people get in touch!

And you can take it from me, these tops are easy to feed in, you can’t tell at all that they have zips in!! They are cool, I feel like I am wearing my usual style of clothes and it helps that the girls are SUPER LUSH.

Now go treat yourself to some badass clothes, because you work crazy hard at the boob life!

Boobi Bands

PEOPLE! I am so excited about these new wrist bands and I can’t wait to share, natter and just show my LOVE. Ok so first things first – Boobi Bands, what a cool name! Secondly what a creative and cool way to remind yourself which boob you’ve just given to your little!! They look like festival wrist bands, are super stretchy, comfy and the little boobs on the blue one … Ah LOVE.

I think they are really quirky, oh and genius.

I can’t choose a fave because the yellow one says ‘Totally Milking It’ which I love and then the blue one has lots of boobies and bottles on. I just love them both, I figured I would start from the beginning so check this out …

How cute are these mermaid tails? I was super excited when I  picked up the post.

And the Boobi stamp, LOVE.

Inside the coolest envelope ever, the Boobi Bands came alongside this lovely pink note …

And of course the bands …

Basically telling us how amazing we are and how the bands will help us sleepy Mama’s remember which boob to feed from (or pump).

So, I’ve only had mine for a few days now (MEGA THANKS) and this is what I have done so far.

I put them on the table so I could have a little read, then I took them off so I could have a look see. Loralai wanted to match me, cue the CUTEST hand snaps of us EVER …

Then I put them to the test.


(Photo credit to my L for a few of these snaps)

Straight after I switched the wrist bands over so I didn’t have to think for like 10 minutes which boob I had used last. Now that Marceline’s feeds are further apart I really have to think for a while which boob I’ve previously used, so these little dream boats are winners for me! Even in those early days when you are so sleepy and feeding all the time, these will be a great little reminder and they’ll make you smile. They make me smile … Haha. I decided with the second set to put them in my bedroom, those night feeds or ‘ALL night feeding sesh’ should I say, is probably the time they are needed most!

I LOVE THESE, I know I’ve already said this but I just think they are really cool, they look fun, they made me smile, I love the print, the idea!

So from tomorrow I’ll be teaming up with Boobi Bands to launch a GIVEAWAY! 

Keep an eye on our feeds for more info.

Check out Boobi Bands on Instagram here …

And Etsy here …

Boobie Tee’s from Stylish Mum

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I’m a fan/big supporter of the lovely Sarah and her shop Stylish Mum. Sarah works CRAZY hard promoting breastfeeding, showcasing her breastfeeding friendly clothes and more recently her campaign #normalisenormal. Sarah is so easy to talk too which also helps, she is most definitely part of the Instagram community for us Mams!

I was lucky enough to be sent a feeding top from Sarah and I wanted to give my honest opinion. I have in the past had issues with breastfeeding tops due to having a bigger bust, oh the joys haha. I bought a couple during my pregnancy from some high street shops and I actually ended up giving them to charity, they exposed me more than supported me. I choose to feed in baggy tee’s and go on my merry way.

My top from Sarah came and I’ve honestly used it SO many times, I was shocked to find how easy it was to access my boobs, bra and to feed due to prior experiences of the high street ones. It’s super, super, soft – which after numerous washes is STILL soft. It’s stretchy – which is great for getting to those milk makers. It’s also really comfy – a must for any feeding Mama!

What have I used the top for?

I often go out for hours with the girls and have used the top during some of those hectic days. It’s been helpful at times like feeding on public transport, no faffing!!

I’ve worn it in this weird humid weather we’ve been having, I didn’t feel all stuck and sweaty.

It was a life saver the day we moved house, I could just feed and then crack on with what ever job I needed too.

I can wear it quite casual, like around the house or with some leggings but also match it to my style – which is something I always find frustrating with breastfeeding clothes. They aren’t always that pretty or practical so this is a huge plus for me!

Here is a few snaps of my fave ways to wear the tee.

So this is a new outfit for me, I’ve recently got back into some of my old clothes and I decided to try the top/pinafore combo, it worked great! Easy to feed and I felt very me!

This skirt has been a firm postpartum fave, I just tucked the top in as I like to wear the skirt highwaisted. It was easy to feed in and again I felt very me!

I’ve worn it with jeans and leggings, it’s long enough to cover my bum! I’ve even worn it with shorts when we had all the lovely sunshine. It just goes to show that it’s like an everyday top but with quick and easy access for breastfeeding.

I have other snaps of me out and about (in the top) on my feed if you want to check it out some more …

Sarah has this top in other colours too, she has dresses, jumpers, PJ’s, water bottles, the list goes on so make sure to check out her shop here …

And Instagram here …

It’s a huge thumbs up from me, any questions just give me a shout! Or Sarah she’s LUSH.


A friend of mine tagged me in a post shared by Boobbix, this is how I discovered their Instagram and website. They were on the look out for some bloggers and later I was very kindly sent some oatmeal and raisin breastfeeding cookies.

That was back in March, how is it August already?

So this was actually my first ever try, ever, of lactation cookies. So of course I took the opportunity to make a huge cup of tea to dip them in. Marceline was approaching four months at this point so a hot cuppa was still a rarity, we’re nearly 9 months in and that’s still the case haha.

I made sure to take a snap though …

I’m not going to lie, I knew little about food helping with breastmilk but I was eager to learn and to give the cookies a try, I mean who wouldn’t want to try out some cookies? Inside the box the cookies were individually wrapped, they were a lot bigger than I expected, a proper thick cookie. They looked like something that was literally just baked from a loving home. If only you could smell through my pictures, ha. I found them super tasty and it helped that they smelt good too.

I was expressing my milk, I don’t now but whether you are doing one or the other eating cookies (tasty ones) that also help with milk supply is a win, win situation right? I have found when talking to a lot of women who breastfeed that one of their biggest worries is milk supply. When I breastfed back in 2013/2014 that thought never crossed my mind but this time around it most definitely has been something I’ve thought about a lot, due to our difficult start. I actually wish I had known about Boobbix back then, I think I would have emptied the shop I was so worried about my milk!

Anyway, I have since told other Mam’s about Boobbix, they have ordered and also found them to be tasty! One of my friends (who expresses) actually showed me the difference in her milk supply from using these cookies. Proof that they work! Now aside to that breastfeeding is bloody hard work, we need energy and we use up a bunch of calories when feeding. Get where I am going here? I feel like a second win, win situation is here!

This week Boobbix cookies made my morning, now I am not a morning person, I never have been and I never will be but I haven’t been getting much sleep, boobing a lot in the night and when Loralai went into our snack bag and asked to eat this cookie …


Bad Mam alert, haha well actually I said she could have a bite. Since I do share everything with the girls anyway! I love that she got it out of the bag though, because man I needed a cuppa, some energy and anything to help my boobie juice makes it even better. I was explaining to Loralai that it was a breastfeeding cookie and she said ‘Oh I’ll not be able to eat it then Mammy’ but like I said, I gave her a bite and she wolfed it down. That girl never refuses anything in biscuit form, just like her Dad!

Now the most sensible question of all is …

Does the cookie survive the dip test?

You’ll be happy to know the answer is YES! 

As I mentioned before the cookie is huge, it’s very thick and it took to my cup of tea and dipping very well! Alongside this and Loralai eating some I was actually breastfeeding whilst eating this one and if you check out the second picture I reckon Marceline was checking the cookie out too … Haha.

Yeah, she is definitely after a bit of that!

Want to know a little more about Boobbix?

This is Katie, make sure to check out her shop. She doesn’t just sell cookies .. She has Mama merch and new breastfeeding bar’s too!

I think I’ll have to treat myself to the ‘Food not rude’ top, I LOVE IT!

National Breastfeeding Week 2018

Who was I kidding when I said that I would do a bunch of blogs in a week? Did I say try? I don’t know, but I managed to kick off the week with a short blog about my breastfeeding project so I made a decent start right? So national breastfeeding week has just ended and I thought I would round up my intended blogs for that week in one big post!

Just because the week has ended doesn’t mean we have to stop talking.

Chic + Discreet

I have blogged about Chaneen before, she is a super beautiful human who creates amazing breastfeeding clothes. Her collection is always stylish, it feels current and I love that her clothes are limited edition. I have a leopard print tee which she made and it’s honestly so easy to breastfeed in! If you scroll down you’ll catch that all in a blog. I wanted to add Chaneen and her shop into this blog because I for one often struggle with fashion while breastfeeding, she makes it easier! I had to add her into my faves for national breastfeeding week. But alongside this blog I have a message to share from the lovely lady herself…

My names Chaneen and I am a young black woman. I am also a Mum and I am also a breastfeeder. I could go on to tell you that I am a breastfeeding advocate and a representative of black breastfeeding women in the UK, specifically London. But I won’t do that (wink).

I never knew that I would breastfeed. I never knew that it was a thing. Growing up my idea of a baby was synonymous with a bottle. No one I knew in my black family or black community breastfed. Expect my Aunt, she did what I now know to be called ‘extended breastfeeding’ but she got some serious stick for it. I remember very vividly a circle of women, my mother included, sitting around talking about the baby’s teeth coming in late and it being her fault because she insisted on breastfeeding. They laughed at her and the baby.

So, breastfeeding was bad.

My subconscious held onto those memories until now.

I breastfeed because I have done the research and I have learned so much about how good it is for me and my little girl. I will continue to breastfeed through all and any of the laughter because I know it is the best thing for us.

Being a young, black woman, in the UK my breastfeeding journey should have ended pretty soon after I arrived home from hospital. Rates are low in the UK, and even lower within black families. I’m so pro breastfeeding that I started my own brand, Chic + Discreet to enable Mum’s to feed freely whenever and wherever they may find themselves. I am always up for participating in anything that promotes the beauty of breastfeeding because it is so incredibly important.

Make sure to go show Chaneen some love on her page, treat yourself to some clothes and get involved in the #bmbt hashtag/campaign too.


Stylish Mum

I have previously blogged about the lovely Sarah from Stylish Mum too, same applies just scroll down if you’d like to read it! Sarah is absolutely smashing it with her never ending idea’s, she has a campaign, her shop – with lots of new things coming! I’m excited to see her new thank you cards, she just doesn’t seem to stop.

Sarah is wanting her shop to become more than a clothing brand and I truly believe that she has already accomplished that. She has so much drive and commitment, I can only see things getting better and better!

With this blog I want to share Sarah’s campaign but before I do that make sure to check out these links to learn more about all of the amazing things she does!


Two Sheffield mums have launched a campaign designed to promote breastfeeding as a normal part of everyday life.

#normalisenormal aims to support new mums who want to breastfeed by showing them that feeding in public is nothing to be embarrassed about. Using posters and brightly coloured wristbands, the campaign will celebrate breastfeeding as a natural part of parenting.

It is National Breastfeeding week but official figures show that the UK is still lagging behind other countries when it comes to infant feeding. Statistics from Public Health England for 2016-17 show that around 80% of women start breastfeeding but this figure plummets to 44.4% by the time their baby reaches six to eight weeks.

This figure is much lower than countries like Norway where the breastfeeding rate at six to eight weeks is 71%. Experts believe public health cuts, social stigma and a lack of family support could be to blame for many British mums deciding to switch to formula feeding.

Sarah Blunkett and Emma Mainwaring, from Chapeltown in Sheffield, want #normalisenormal to show new mums that they don’t need to feel awkward and self-conscious about breastfeeding in public. They are also keen to encourage the general public to see breastfeeding as just an ordinary part of the world around them.

Mum-of-three Sarah is the founder of the breastfeeding clothing brand Stylish Mum, while Emma has four children and runs Hooha photography. They are selling wristbands to raise awareness and funds for the initiative and are planning a high impact advertising campaign.

Sarah said: “Breastfeeding can seem overwhelming in the early days of being a mum and we know many women find it even more daunting to do it in public or around their family and friends. No one should feel like they have to hide away to feed their baby.

“The idea behind the #normalisenormal wristbands is for people to show they are supportive of breastfeeding. Mums have been breastfeeding their babies for thousands of years so it is time for us to stand up for new parents and tell the world it is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Photographer Emma is taking photos of breastfeeding mums which will feature in a series of posters which will be displayed throughout Sheffield.

Emma said: “Breastfeeding is such a beautiful and natural part of daily life. As a society, we should be encouraging mums to feel confident about feeding their babies wherever and whenever they need to.

“We hope that displaying positive images of breastfeeding around Sheffield will show the community that there is nothing to feel awkward about, instead it is something to be celebrated.”

The #normalisenormal wristbands are available for £3.50 each from Stylish Mum,  where you can also find out more about the campaign.

Make sure to head over to Sarah’s Instagram and show her some love, she is INCREDIBLE!

And last but not least I need to share my love for some AMAZE women and pages on Instagram that are all about them boobies! Some I’ll be blogging about soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Here is a bunch of women/breastfeeding pages that I love for SO many reasons. These cover everything from information, guidance, empowerment to merchandise, lactation food and more!

Omg there are SO many, I’ll make sure to share real soon.

Edit – I have started to make a list of links on the ‘Links’ page which include a variety of breastfeeding pages and websites.

National Breastfeeding Week 2018

Happy boobie week ladies! Last year I blogged about this wonderful week, it’s in ‘Stuff we LOVE’ if you want to check it out. This year I have decided I want to try and blog as much as I can in the week about my favourite breastfeeding goodies, pages and women!

I want to kick it off with my own project/hashtag #titsandtearz if you haven’t come across it yet – I share women’s breastfeeding journeys every week. Each one has been completely different, unique to each woman and I want to take this moment to say a HUGE thank you to the women who have taken the time to share with me. To the people who have read and shared my blog too or used my hashtag – that one really makes me smile, I also love that off the back of the stories you lovely lot connect with each other.

My aim with #titsandtearz is to show how no two feeding journeys are the same, some easy, some hard but that there is huge solidarity and strength within the breastfeeding community.

And that breastfeeding is NORMAL.

So far so good and I am SUPER grateful for ALL the stories that come my way.

Huge love Mama’s!

From a difficult start, weight loss, cracked nipples, expressed top up feeds to nearly 7 months of EBF. Super proud of us and I couldn’t of done it without the amazing support of my family, Maria (Little Peach) and the AMAZE Mama community on Instagram.

 Chic and Discreet

Well hello to an AMAZE new shop and the super friendly owner Chaneen who also has the most beautiful daughter, you can catch them twinning often which I LOVE. So if you haven’t checked out Chic and Discreet yet, please go do it now! Chaneen has a new small business where she creates limited edition breastfeeding clothes, her new dresses are fab.

If there is something you like, you need to pick it up quickly because all of Chaneen’s creations are limited edition, she very kindly sent me the leopard print tee and it’s THE best. Honestly I’ve struggled with breastfeeding clothes with having big boob’s, this tee has shown me that Chic and Discreet is now the place for me to shop for my essentials.

Here’s my fave things about it  …

Leopard print – need I say more?

Fit – true to sizing, yey!!

Style – I felt more ‘me’ in it which is super important after having a baby and feeling a little unlike yourself.

Comfort – I’ve had it on at baby group, out for a walk, at home and at the in-laws. Literally felt like a normal tshirt, amaze.

Easy access – super east to get to my bra and to feed Marceline, perfect.

Another perfect thing about Chic and Discreet is the price, the clothes are not expensive like most breastfeeding clothes. I’m super happy to have met Chaneen on Instagram and to see her creations, everything just ticks all the boxes.

Here is the leopard print tee and a lovely floral one which I love too.

You can see how easy it is to get to those milk makers.

I’m going to let you look for yourselves at all the other clothes, seriously the dresses are beautiful. Make sure to say hi to Chaneen over on Instagram too.


As you know I’m always on the look out for things to share, especially when they are things I am passionate about. I’m all about the boobies and anything that helps to normalise breastfeeding I am down for! So a friend of mine told me about a campaign she was going to be in and I’ve been waiting to share it with you all. Cleo features ever so beautiful and bright in the pictures and she’s kindly written up a bit about her experience for me to share with you lovely breastfeeding Mama’s.

You can check her out and the people behind it all here …

Here it is in her words …

Recently I was lucky enough to be part of a public breastfeeding campaign exhibition by Avenair art, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and Ranstudio. On Instagram there was a post on Motherhood Reconstructed stories asking for breastfeeding mothers to be part of this campaign so I messaged my details over not actually expecting anything to come from it as I’m not usually lucky enough to get picked. A few days later I received an email asking when I was available and where in London I’d like to meet the photographer.

I suggested London Liverpool street as I thought the business of everyone going by in contrast to the stillness of breastfeeding might make a great image. We ended up meeting at Brick Lane which is a vibrant part of London, it definitely reflects my personality. I was asked to dress brightly but on the day I was doubting that I had met this request but after seeing the pictures I realised that I was plenty bright enough. The photographers Agetha and Robbie were brilliant, they made me feel so comfortable and their energy got me even more excited for the campaign.

The images of the campaign are now being displayed on digital billboards across London until April 2018 with the hashtag #feedme across them. You can search the hashtag on social media and are encouraged to share the images and even post your own public breastfeeding pictures using the hashtag to help normalise breastfeeding.

Make sure to check out Cleo alongside some other amazing Mama’s who participated in the #feedme shoot, share the #feedme photos and/or post your own public breastfeeding pictures in support of the campaign.

Little Peach

Where do I begin? Maria is like the queen of breastfeeding. I was so lucky to start up a conversation with her during my pregnancy which led me to follow her Little Peach London Instagram page. Maria has not only been a huge support and help to me with my millions of questions and queries, she’s also helped me through some of my hardest breastfeeding and emotional moments. I will never forget anything she’s done for me from the random questions, general chitchat to the caring and supportive advice during my difficult times.

Maria helped me with Marceline’s weight issues, my sore nipples, expressing my milk and all the information that comes with it. She also helped me recently when I was admitted to hospital with kidney stones, it brought up lots of new worries and questions but she nailed it. I have been emotional, I’ve cried, I’ve doubted myself and more with this breastfeeding journey and I really don’t think I would be here nearly 3 months into breastfeeding Marcy had she not been in my life.

I sent Maria a thank you card because honestly the weight issues and having to go back to hospital with Marceline was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. Maria was my safe haven and I wanted to thank her for helping me and making me feel good. I want as many breastfeeding Mama’s to know about not only her Instagram page but also her website, wealth of knowledge, kindness and video’s all about breastfeeding.

She truly is one of my hero’s.

Now go check her out, she’s amazing if you can’t already tell!

Coming up …

Some Little Peach LOVE! 

All hail the boobie pins

You all know I LOVE a good pin. My collection is getting really big now and I’ve realised that I need something to display the ones that are waiting to be moved from a draw to my coat or a bag.

Yep, I have that many.

Lately my pin game is ALL about them boobies! Breastfeeding, Mama love, lactivist, stretch mark love and more. There’s so many and I just can’t help but treat myself to them. Marceline’s baby bag has no room now!!

So let’s talk through some of my new additions and why you need them too.

The lactivist pin was the first breastfeeding one I came across, I got it while I was pregnant as a ‘pick me up’ to myself. A little Mama treat, why not? I’ve blogged about this pin before but I had to add it in again. This pin comes from More than a Mother, Louise also has other amazing creations which you can check out on her Instagram page. She also talks about her own breastfeeding journey and shares lot’s of other dreamy pin creations.

The other two pins are from Mere Soeur and Oh Me Oh Mama, I’ll be chatting those pins too!

Those pink glittery numbers up there, yes those boobies, AH I just loveee this pin. Oh Me Oh Mama has a dreamy website full of gifts for new, expecting and breastfeeding Mam’s. Celebrating motherhood and advocating for the boob’s. The lovely melons pin on the previous picture, featuring those heart glittery nips is also from this shop!

    Look at this peachy bum!! This pin, I just think it’s pure genius. It’s sexy and embracing, LOVE. I actually won this pin as a set of three, in the second picture the ‘Women of Wonder’ is one of the pins that came with it. I love the black and gold combo they are beautifully made and it’s obvious they’re all about celebrating us women – Yesss!

This is the third pin …

If you aren’t already following The Other Mum’s Club go do it now! Her new pin idea is AMAZE, those fishnets please! You can also read about Mary Jane and her inspiration for the pins whilst browsing her shop, go check it out.

My next pin love is this beaut from Mere Soeur, free the nipple, breastfeeding bra, liquid gold or pink in this case! I love a pin with glitter. Carrie Anne is another beauty out there celebrating motherhood, sisterhood and BOOBS! Her Mother pin features on the first picture and she has loads of merch online too.

These two pins and the Milk Making Mama one (pic 3) you will recognise from my feed and blog. They’re all about breastfeeding and what I love is that they also have an expressing pin, with glitter too, AH. Check out Maria’s Instagram and shop all these pins and more here …

Here’s a few more snaps of the pins.

All the pin and boob LOVE!

Thank you for breastfeeding

I’ve recently found an Instagram page that has THE loveliest cards for breastfeeding Mam’s. They are these little business sized cards that say ‘Thank you for breastfeeding’, how lush? What a lovely way to make someone’s day. Just that little acknowledgement can make someone feel amazing, I love them.

I’ve since been chatting with Sarah who owns Stylish Mum’s, she not only created these little beauties but also has a website with lot’s of breastfeeding clothes and pyjamas. Her hoodies have been shortlisted for the best breastfeeding accessory in the ‘Made for Mum’s Awards’ too!


Over on her Instagram there’s a chance to win some of her breastfeeding PJ’s.

AND I have a code for everyone which is valid until Valentine’s Day, yey!

Use ‘2Mermaidz’ to get discount when you shop.

You can shop here –

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   Going back to my FAVE new find, those amazing thank you cards. They also have information for the national breastfeeding helpline, they thank the Mam for breastfeeding in public and for helping with the normalisation of breastfeeding.

What’s not to love?

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Breastfeeding Milestones

Part. 1

I am LOVING these cards from Milk Making Mama it’s a really fun way to mark your breastfeeding journey. I’ve gone from laughing at myself for ‘Leaking Everywhere’ to practically breastfeeding ‘Al Fresco’ every time I shower, being super proud to be a breastfeeding Mama to celebrating our first month!

I also need to share Milk Making Mama’s new boobie pin, I have it and I love it!

Look …

I am really enjoying the love and support from Milk Making Mama as well as loving all her merch. If you didn’t catch my last blog about her shop you can read it below, make sure to say hi on her page too.

Come back soon for a milestone update and a more in depth natter about the start of my breastfeeding journey.

Milk Making Mama

So for my boobie talk today I am SO excited to show you some wonderful creations that are all about the BOOBS.

I think I’ll start by sharing a few snaps.

Of course I’m going to start by sharing the pin. As you know I LOVE pins and I enjoy collecting them. This one will soon be a feature on my jacket!

I love coming across breastfeeding pins, I just bloody love them.

You can find Milk Making Mama on Instagram and her shop is over on Etsy.

Here are the links.

Next up I NEED to show you these amazing milestone cards.

I love the colour combinations, the quotes and I am SO EXCITED to document my journey with them. I’ll be able to talk about my highs, the lows, the funny things, the accomplishment’s and more. Just allowing people to see how beautiful and normal breastfeeding is.

Another way to support the ‘normalisation of breastfeeding’ not that we should even have to say that, EVER. But I do like to shout from the roof tops about how GREAT breastfeeding is so expect lot’s of sharing from me.

And look it doesn’t stop at the cards.

Yey, tote bag! I love a good tote too, I love the heart/boob/milk design that’s not only on the tote bag but these cute AF zips up bags AND you can buy it as a patch too, look.

I just have ALL the heart eyes.

Finding things during my pregnancy which have made me smile or feel good has been so key for me. I really struggled last time with my body changes, the limited maternity/nursing fashion and keeping my usual style. I’ve managed a lot better this time around for many reasons (blog to follow on from that) but as I’ve mentioned finding things like pins, boobie pins too has really, really helped me.

Keep your eyes peeled on our 2Mermaidz’s Instagram feed for my boobie journey, I’ll be sharing lot’s of snaps, feelings and I will get out some blogs on here too!

Get yourselves over to Milk Making Mama and support the LOVE of boobs.