Motherhood through Instagram.

Motherhood through Instagram is a hashtag I use often, Instagram has opened up so many amazing ways to share, talk, support and encourage. I recently joined in on the V for village hashtag which got people to talk about who’s in their village, who’s their support on and offline, since I posted mine I’ve been thinking about writing this blog.

I’ve ‘met’ so many amazing women on Instagram and the support they offer is unquestionably what we all need on the hard days. I didn’t use Instagram the way I do now when I had Loralai and I really think it would of helped me, massively. I started 2Mermaidz at the end of 2016 sharing mine and Loralai’s love of fashion, I really wanted to blog too so I made the website in early 2017 and I started to document our lives. When I fell pregnant with Marceline the website changed, still documenting but I expanded with new pages.

I actually deleted ALL of the pictures I had on my Instagram because I sensed it was going in a different direction to just fashion. I also had fallen into the trap of looking at all the ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’ feeds and thinking mine was crap. I started to share more of our daily lives with bits of fashion too, then I started to document my pregnancy with Marceline, beautiful.

I think it was late December or early January when I fell into the trap again, I looked at my feed and thought it wasn’t good enough. I sat and deleted ALL my pictures again, I received some really lovely messages while I was doing it. These amazing women who support me on Instagram, they cared, they didn’t want me to delete it all. I didn’t regret the first time I done it because it felt organic, it was me combining my account to the website, it had purpose, a focus, I could see what I wanted to do, sharing my motherhood. Alongside things we love because I wanted to, because it’s my journey and it’s about what I love.

I didn’t regret the second time, at first anyway because I was comparing myself to others, other accounts. I also wanted my blog posts to link up to my Instagram with images. When I think about it now, it’s silly.

I am me, what I share is me.

I don’t have a camera or laptop, I don’t edit my photos.

I’d just given birth, the worse time EVER to judge myself negatively.

I shouldn’t have deleted it all, I was in my own head, comparing myself to others.

I feel a little torn now, in my head I wanted my feed to look a certain way, to match my blog posts, which it does now and I’m happy but I could of kept all my old posts, I could have. I had a moment again the other week and I was SUPER close to deleting everything again but I didn’t, after a talk with the husband and a reality check.

I do this blog for me, it’s my hobby and an amazing way to document me and my girls, which is exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s changed so much in the year or so I’ve been blogging, I’ve got a little breastfeeding project going, we’re sharing things we love and still share our fashion loves.

I think what I’m trying to say is I am me, my Instagram is us and that I need to continue to work hard at reminding myself that I need to just do me – that’s my uniqueness and nobody else is me. I’m not ever going to be one of ‘those’ accounts because that’s not me and I shouldn’t compare myself and nor should you lovely lot. I got a lot of messages from other women saying they had done or felt the same as me which made me feel less crazed about my decisions because social media sometimes does create those negative vibes, not always but sometimes.

Thank you lovely lot for being in my online village, I’m grateful for you all.

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All of the cake.

I met Cleo years ago at a festival, we ended up chatting because of our love of tattoo’s. We hung out, raved, giggled and after a party filled weekend we stayed in touch, fast forward a good few years and Cleo very kindly popped up north to see me.

I know Cleo loves cake so I sent her drool worthy pictures of cakes and milkshakes alongside some other things we could do while she was visiting. When Cleo and Hendrix arrived I was super happy to catch up and hang out, they also brought the sunshine! We never have nice weather in Newcastle, it’s always freezing. After a mini catch up, some boobie feeds for the babes, I purposely walked Cleo the long way around to the bus stop just to show her this SUPER dreamy house near me, we share a love of homes and interiors so I knew she wouldn’t mind the extra 5 mins or so. We’ve been trying to work out if we’ve seen it on TV or not. Anyway it’s a beautiful modern style church conversion, dreams!

The sun was still shining when we arrived in town, we walked to monument and a guy was playing dance music and playing his guitar. Me and Cleo just started dancing, not a care in the world! Our Mam moves where top notch, which at some point will embarrass our children, haha! But we laughed about being old ravers turned into Mama’s while our kids smiled and strangers stared. I took Cleo all the way down the Quayside only to be totally gutted that the cake shop was closed, the door was open but the lady told us they were shut.

GUTTED, more for Cleo really as I’d promised her good cake.

We had a huge walk back, our bums and legs got a serious work out! But that just meant we could eat more cake right? I showed her around the market and some food places so we could choose a new place to eat. Not sure what was going on but things were closing so we headed into the shopping centre. I’ve been wanting to try this new crêpe place out for AGES and once we checked out the menu we had to go in. We both had breakfast crêpes and a sweet one for after with a milkshake on the side, it was soooo good, I’ve got to take Loralai. We chatted into late afternoon until Marceline done her first ever ‘poop up the back’ incident, we couldn’t stop laughing because I had literally just said she had never had an accident yet. We spent ages giggling in the changing room because honestly this is Motherhood, and I was so happy to be sharing this moment with another Mam by my side.

We then took advantage of the late hour shopping in Fenwicks, TKMaxx and Tiger. Cleo finally got her cake fix in Fenwicks, pics to follow, alongside some nice home treats in TKMaxx where we both kept getting electric shocks every time we touched anything. We blinked and it was dark outside so we headed up to the bus station, we just missed a bus so we spent some time in John Lewis day dreaming at all their furnishings. One day, one day!

We both breastfed on the bus on the way back to mine, another lovely Mama moment, it takes the edge off when you’re not alone doesn’t it?

We spent the evening talking, laughing, feeding and snuggling our babes, we stayed up till after midnight and I can’t remember the last time I did that, aside to the boobie feeds! It was really nice, good for my soul. I felt human.

The next day we had a chilled out morning then we both said our goodbye’s, Cleo made a pit stop at The Angel of the North. You can’t come to Newcastle and miss seeing that, it really is beautiful when you are stood beside it.

I honestly took very little snaps, hardly picked up my phone, we just really enjoyed each others company, and the babes of course.

Selfie’s and dancing near monument.

My lovely crêpes and Oreo shake.

The incident …

Shopping and cakes.

Cleo at The Angel of the North.

One very happy Loralai with her Bunny from Cleo, she was with her Nanna when Cleo and Hendrix came.

Pictures are a mix of mine and Cleo’s!

Thanks for the hang times, until next time …


There’s been a glitter accident.

Mother’s Day 2018, my first as a Mam of two.

Marceline post injections, Ricky on a stag do but I’d planned a Girls Night for the Saturday and I was hoping to pop out with my two babes on the Sunday, just to a little cafe or something. This wasn’t my first weekend alone with the girls and now that Marceline is a little older (please stop growing) things are a little easier. Saturday went by quickly, we had lot’s of giggles watching a movie and eating pizza with dips, crisps and sweets. I even went to bed with the girls hoping for an early evening and some good’ish sleep. After a long boob sesh (1 hour 30mins) I managed to shut my eyes around 9:30ish, I think.

On Mothering Sunday I got an early wake up call from Loralai, she’s such a morning person. Marceline wasn’t quite ready to get up but you have to find some balance when you have more than one kid, especially when you’re on your own. I read two stories to the girls in bed and I managed to play a little game with Loralai’s whilst I breastfed Marceline, we had breakfast and I was enjoying pottering around the kitchen.

Then Marceline cried for an hour straight, she didn’t want boob, her dummy, a cuddle, I even stripped her down for skin on skin, nothing and I mean nothing would soothe her. This was the first time I had felt the strain of being alone, the loneliness of living away from people who could of helped me, the massive Mam guilt because I couldn’t see to Loralai because Marceline was so unsettled. I felt like the worst Mam, on Mother’s Day of all days.

I don’t know if it was from her injections or one of those random times when babies just cry, I remember Loralai did it about 3 or 4 times and it’s so stressful because they can’t tell you what’s wrong and everything that usually works just doesn’t work. This time it was harder because I had Loralai as well as Marceline to see too.

Marceline was so upset and unsettled, Loralai needed me and I needed a break. We all needed things at the same time and it was just ugh.

Frustration on all levels for all the girls.

When Ricky came home I was frazzled, Marceline was still unsettled but her crying uncontrollably had passed. I think Loralai was ready for a break too, she never said anything but I felt awful for not being able to be with her most of the day, she’d experienced an hour of crying from her baby sister too. Us Mam’s do think things are worse than they seem (Mam guilt, not the crying), Loralai never said anything on that day and she hasn’t since, I think it’s because I said Marceline had her needles and she wasn’t well. Something that Loralai could understand, I kept saying sorry to her too and telling her she was being great on a tough day.

Ricky sent me up for a bath and I just lay in it, I felt every bit of that water on my body, I felt dazed actually. When I think about it now I know how little sleep I’d had in the build up to Sunday, add in Marceline’s poorliness (ugh, injections) her crying, me feeling helpless, trying to see to Loralai, make lunch and enjoy what was supposed to be my first Mam of two Mother’s Day… Well it was all a bit much.

I did have some nice moments though, Loralai came over with a dustpan and brush looked me straight in the eye and said…

“There’s been a glitter accident”.

She’d spilt a tub of glitter while I was keeping Marceline asleep in my arms, she brushed it up and put it all in the bin. She got me right in the feels, I later found most of the glitter behind the bin but my god that girl tried and she did good. She made me a picture too of a dog in a chimney, so random but that’s why I love her.

So here’s to Mother’s Day, I was pushed to my limits and I coped. I’m proud of myself, my emotions and the girls, it was a crazy hard day but we did it. And  just look at these two, I managed to get a snap of them with smiles.

Also my amazing cards, LOVE.


This ones from nursery, I love it.

Girls weekend.

Hello weekend, Saturyey and all that.

So the husband is away in Manchester and I’m having my first weekend alone with my girls. Typically Marceline had a ‘boob a thon’ last night so I’m SUPER sleepy but who can stay tired when Loralai comes in with THAT smile.

 Ah the feels.

I’m writing this from my bed, boobs out, Marceline to my right fast asleep. I don’t dare move because she knows, she just knows and she WILL wake up if I move. Loralai’s on my bedroom floor playing with Barbie dolls, best line I’ve heard so far is …

“Are you ok saving the world?”

Between the Daddy and daughter Barbie’s. I’ve heard lots of Mam talk from her and I know there’s a cat named Ginger, a teacher called Miss Bellum and ”your getting married” keeps getting thrown about too. I love that she’s called the teacher that, that’s Powerpuff Girls love right there. I love watching her play, it’s one of my favourite things.

So far so good? I think? No breakfast for me yet (it’s nearly lunch time) BUT both girls are fed and that’s what matters haha. I plan on letting Marceline sleep as long as I can while L plays, we’re doing chilled this morning. I’ve got Girls Night planned which includes a pretty similar set up to right now. Bed, movies, sweets and popcorn! Oh and boobie feeds, snuggles and PJ’s too.


So 11 weeks in and Marceline is being her beautiful baby self while Loralai is still being the dreamboat girl of dreams. She’s still being patient, loving, kind, supportive, helpful – BABE. I had a day with them both this week and Marceline just boobed the WHOLE day and Loralai didn’t complain once. The next day I took them both out shopping so I could treat L, she got some right bargains in H&M Kids, she picked everything too. I can’t wait to share some snaps! She just really deserved a treat, she’s taken to the big sister transition well.

Anyway Marceline is still asleep, my boob’s are still out, I still haven’t moved and L is still playing Barbie’s.

I’m going to finish up this blog to enjoy watching my baby sleep and my babe play.

You ain’t never met a Mama like me …

Because I host the best Girls Night!

Pin –

Little girl, big sis.

I started this blog back when it was just me and my L. I had an idea and I really wanted a hobby too. When I think about it I can see in many ways she inspired me to do it, I actually thought up the name ‘2Mermaidz’ whilst we lay in bed cuddling one night.

She has on more than one occasion asked me for a little sister and if you’ve followed my blog you’ll know she got what she wanted, a baby who then turned out to be a girl. Eek.

I blogged LOADS about my feelings when I was pregnant, I felt super happy, excited, loved up and then in would creep the Mam guilt. I kept thinking how could I give Loralai everything I give her now? It got to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It got worse as I got closer to my due date too. I read endless blogs about families going from 3 to 4 like ours would be, I found most of them reassuring and honest. They helped, for a day or two. I also chatted to some family and friends and I often spoke about it on Instagram, with an occasional hormonal blog to boot.

So let me tell you about my experience, I’m nearly 7 weeks in and things are going well. Giving birth via an elective caesarean meant I could plan and that made me feel good. Before I delve in I have to say that I spoke to Loralai every day about her becoming a big sister, I told her the baby would cry, I said she’d be on my boob’s a lot, there’d be nappy changes, a sleepy Mammy and more.

I planned for Loralai to come in with her Dad to meet Marceline, we thought it would be good for her to have him around whilst I was having the baby, it shocked so many people. It still shocks people now and we got some, shall we say nice opinions? Ha! In MY opinion I was putting Loralai first, we discussed it as her parents and decided it would be good for her to have Ricky around at such a life changing time. He could answer anything, drive to us, talk to her about what was going on. It just made sense for us, Loralai was the important one in all of this, each to their own and all that.

My Mam came in with me and I promise again that I will blog about her birth soon. I won’t EVER forget being wheeled around with Marceline and seeing Loralai’s little face ready and waiting in my room. Ricky let her hold Marceline first which is something I loved and truly feel was super important for her. I always involved Loralai as much as I could during my pregnancy and it’s something I still try hard to do now Marceline’s here. If I’m totally honest the first few days maybe even the first week are a little blurred. Lack of sleep and boobie feeds 24/7 BUT Loralai held Marceline a lot, she asked to hold her which always broke my heart – with happiness of course. We made a big fuss, we made sure she went out and did ALL the fun things, soft play, cinema, ice cream, family movie night, the works! I was and still am amazed at Loralai, I mean I knew she would be great because she’s a really loving kid. I just didn’t realise she would be THIS great. I always touch wood when I say that, haha. Seriously though, I’ve been lucky with Loralai she is a good kid. Our parenting has something to do with that too (soz to blow our trumpets), she just has the key things any younger sibling would want from their big sister.

I’ve watched my baby grow from this little loving human to the ultimate LOVING human. She’s like a mini adult, wanting to hold Marcy, help with nappy changes and every bath (no joke), she sings to her, gives loads of kisses and cuddles. She asks about her first thing on a morning, ah the feels.


BUT I can’t sugar coat everything, all those things are true and Loralai really has matured, I’ve seen so many new qualities in her which I love.

Reality is I’m on my own most of the time (weekends = husband help) yey! With a new born baby who LOVES the boob and a 4 year old kid. There is massive Mam guilt, stress, WTF moments but honestly the little moments balance it out.

Today I watched Loralai pour a full tub of glitter out and just rub it on her hands and up her arms while I breastfed Marceline.

  I felt bad I wasn’t playing or creating with her, then I felt stressed about the mess, then along came the helplessness feeling because I was feeding Marceline and I couldn’t do everything at once.

Later on I watched Loralai sing, she made up this beautiful song all about Marceline. While she sang it Marceline just eyed her up the whole time.

It all balanced out.

I take every opportunity even if it’s only 2 minutes to have time with L, just me and her. For a cuddle, a story, we actually shared a bath together the other day, LOVE. I just embrace those moments, breathe them in because I miss it. She misses it. We haven’t said it but we feel it. We have evolved now into a girl gang, Marcy is our girl and we love her.

Loralai has been a massive help not only to me but to Marceline too, I am so proud of this little big human she’s become. Like me she’s embraced the new with all it’s beautiful and hard times.

More to follow from this blog, I’m breastfeeding now and Marcy is about to fall asleep – I need to take this sleep opportunity people.

For now look at THE proudest big sis!

 Ps. Loralai has already told me that when they are older they’re going to Disneyland Paris, alone. Aww, RIGHT IN THE FEELS.

Est. 2017

This blog is reminding me of my first ever one, Est. 2013 which I only wrote in February this year. I talked about becoming a Mam to Loralai and what I wanted 2Mermaidz to become.

Here I am only a mere 10 months down the line with all my 2017 goals changed. MASSIVELY.

Little did I know by the end of this year I’d have another little girl to cherish and LOVE forever. I can really say this is the happiest I’ve ever been, I have my little GRL gang, what more could I want?

Having Loralai really taught me a lot, it wasn’t just the learning about becoming a Mam but all the new things about myself, her, changing relationships, loosing friends, breastfeeding, rediscovering me, my body, lot’s of things. Quoting my old post about Loralai ”making me, me” I still stand by it but I now see that time as the beginning of being confident and comfortable with who I am.  I have grown massively since then in so many aspects. What has Marceline done for me? She’s given me the assurance that I am who I am and I love it.

I love her, Loralai, my body, my boobs, my belief in myself as a Mam, a woman, a wife.

I am confident.

My pregnancies and labours with the girls were SO different and having both experiences has really healed me. They’ve made me grow, I feel so different. I’ll blog their birth stories one day, it’s on my blog list!

With Loralai it really was a whole newness, learning each day but guess what? It’s newness again, I’m learning everyday still and yes it’s different because I have experience this time. I don’t know everything but I have a new confidence that I didn’t have before, these two babes of mine really have helped me be comfortable in my own skin, be me, I just love being their Mam.

And for 2Mermaidz? Well it’s already grown from a little blog into a space for me to talk about life, my girls and things we love. My 2017 goals? Some I’ve forgot, others I want to take into 2018 with me. I have a few projects I want to start up, things I really feel passionate and good about. I’ll be mainly embracing my maternity, enjoying breastfeeding, Marceline’s new born times, falling in love with Loralai’s maturity and strength but DO watch this space.

And keeping in with traditions, here is your diary Marcy.

Full of notes and love, just like Loralai’s.

Mam, it’s half a moon.

We have been looking for the moon these past few weeks around early evening time. We hadn’t seen it BUT for the last week or so we have caught it in all it’s beautiful might. The first two times we spotted it Loralai noticed it was ‘half a moon’ the excitement of seeing the moon together has made us both SUPER happy. One night we even ran in the house to see who’s bedroom window showed the moon, it was L’s and it was just perfect.

I have really learnt to embrace moments recently, ones with Loralai more than anything else which makes me think it’s down to baby M coming soon. My moon story may seem like nothing to people but it really was magical for me, for Loralai too, you could see it in her eyes. We’ve had lot’s of moments lately we’ve been co-sleeping, snuggling watching Cartoon Network, having movie nights, eating Nando’s, having loads of Halloween fun, we’ve also been shopping and just chilling. Pretty normal things actually I just think there’s more emphasis on them with it being just us two or three in these final days before Marceline comes. Eek.

I feel like this is another boasting parent blog but I don’t care because she’s my kid, she’s just amazing.

The other day she told us that she was marrying Skeletie (our Halloween skeleton) and when her Dad said something about it she came out with the most beautiful thing …

“Skeletie’s bones are white, just like yours Daddy, we are all the same, it means everyone is the same”.


Lot’s of people keep asking me how I think she’ll be when the baby comes. My answer is always the same, I know she is going to be an awesome big sister and I’ll tell you why. She is really loving, kind, caring, attentive, funny, she’s just got this beautiful soul. I’m not stupid though, I know she will have to adjust to the changes, just like we will. It’s one of the reasons why I’m choosing to hold off on visitors for a few days, I want us all to enjoy, embrace, learn and get used to a new baby being around. There’s always going to be moments when they both need me at the same time or ones crying and the other is doing something else and I can’t split myself in two BUT as long as there’s love there that’s what matters to me. Loralai is so loving and has talked loads about all the things she wants to teach her baby sister, I love that we have another year before she starts school so she can bond with Marceline, it means the world to me.

I have so many scribbles ready to blog but right now I am taking note of my body, my very pregnant body, so I do have more to natter about but I plan to space them out, give myself some me time before the beautiful madness starts.

For now here is some snaps of my girl and her Dad.


Feeling Yellow.

Feeling yellow. It doesn’t really mean anything, just loving me some yellow at the min.

I posted a picture of myself and Loralai on Instagram the other day we’re in MATCHING yellow rain macs! She is 100% going to be like ‘WTF’ Mam when she’s older. Don’t worry if your cringing, she went to nursery in hers, mine ended up back in the house because I’m super hot 24/7 with this pregnancy. And although the autumn weather has kicked in, I’m still over here like it’s summer AF.

But for now she is just as buzzing as I am that we have matching coats. YEY.

So aside to being cool AF/embarrassing as hell I’m creeping ever closer to my caesarean, my baby M’s arrival, the day my Loralai becomes a big sister, we turn from 3 to 4.

I’m feeling it guys.

I’m feeling pregnant like SO pregnant, my pelvis feels broken, my hips and lower back feel like they are telling me to F’off. Heartburn has made a lovely appearance, I feel sleepy, irritated, hormonal, the list goes on. I keep saying I’m ready for her to be here, which I am but I’m also thinking of all those things like, I won’t sleep again for a year or I won’t have Loralai all to myself. I feel excited, happy, ready, scared, guilty, not ready … Just the feels.

One of the biggest things for me is just to have SOME kind of body back, I can’t even put my own shoes on at the moment, I want to be in nice, cool clothes! My face is SO round, I’m forever having Braxton Hicks (which scare me every time, I never experienced these with L ) I’m just moaning here. That’s what it is, I’m having a moan. I have nothing to moan about really, I know how lucky I am in life and I am grateful for ALL of it.

I’m just talking talk, because I can. It’s good for the soul.

I think I’m mainly feeling guilt knowing my time needs to be shared soon, L can sense it too. I struggle to do numerous things with her at the moment, some super normal things too because of my bump. I’m happy that we talk about it though, happy that we talk about the baby, happy that I have a husband who feels the same guilt as me. I know it means we are good parents, worrying about it all, I know it’s going to be hard BUT super worth it.

I’m excited for another tiny human.

Marceline ‘Dracula’ as Loralai likes her to be known.

So to finish off my random mix of yellow, twinning, love, moaning, feels and things. I’ve been thinking about blogging my experience of labour with Loralai, it’s something I think I’ll do soon. I’ve come to realise with the help of my midwife that I still may not be fully over the trauma. I don’t think I ever will be really but I wouldn’t change any of it either, maybe I just need to have another go at ‘exploring the experience’ and see where it takes me.

But for now, peace out from a hormonal preggas Mam, who has a follow up doctors appointment in the morning and the flu jab, YEY.

Mam Mush.

So I’ve been having ALL the Mam feels recently, looking at Loralai, having our days out, loads of cuddles and the usual day to day things. I’ve just really been embracing the little time we have left as a twosome. Threesome when Ricky’s with us too obvs. I just mean all the ‘moments’ even the everyday things like holding hands, I’m in my own mind, taking it all in, the time really does last longer when you just focus on that one thing. Like tonight she fell asleep within 2 minutes but I stayed there for 10 minutes just looking at her, holding her, my beautiful girl, my first baby.

All through this pregnancy I’ve had the emotions, I’m like that anyway but I remember (also still experiencing, ha) the hormonal emotions that are just uncontrollable. I had a few weeks where crying was all I wanted to do and it felt good to cry, I’ve been happy, excited, scared, felt guilty. The feels people, the feels! More recently I’ve been feeling how I think Loralai, a 4 year old, who has always had ALL my time must be feeling. I’ve spoke about the baby, everyday, I’ve spoken about how babies cry, how they need to be taught everything, how they sleep all day and party all night. I’ve also mentioned all the cute things and spoken about the harder times. Like when I’m going to be alone with a baby and a kid, when they both need me but I’m only 1 person, how Loralai can help me but how she also needs to keep doing all the kid things she does. I know it’s going to be hard and I am looking forward to the day things start to become a little easier or when things fall into place.

All I know is I SUPER SUPER SUPER  love my Loralai, she has changed my life in SO many ways it’s ridiculous. In the best way though, she’s my first baby, we’ve taught each other things, she’s my big girl now (she tells me that all the time and I love it), I’m just trying to prepare us all for the transition to 4.

I got to see Marceline today I was having a placenta site check, all was good, it’s moved! Yey. She’s currently 4lb 4oz (OMG) has lots of hair and looked super cute. Today has been one of those ‘it’s real’ days, I signed all my papers and the consent for my elective caesarean too. I spoke with the doctor and I was booked in for my pre op … Ah.

It won’t feel real until she’s here though, I was the same with L. It’s officially my 6 week countdown at work come Saturday, I have 1 week annual leave then my baby M will be here, my birthday will be spent in hospital too. Eek.

So I have a shopping day this Sunday for baby and me, we have our first wedding anniversary, a christening and a few other family/friend times booked into these final weeks.

But my favourite thing, however emotional it is, is just ‘being’ with Loralai, in those everyday moments.


Disney Love.

Disney. Disney. Oh Disney …

Hello people, what a super busy couple of weeks! So I now have a 4 year old, a 7 month baby bump and oh we went to Disneyland! Loralai’s birthday which included a super early wake up call from a very excited birthday girl, lot’s of presents, her Spiderman party, family coming over and then the final Disney packing! What a wonderful and super sleepy day!

I still can’t believe she’s 4. She’s 4 people.

We went to bed all happy and full of cake, ready for Disneyland the next day. So for the people who don’t know me we went last year in November, it was a family honeymoon once myself and Ricky got back from Mexico. I wanted Loralai to be in on the honeymoon times and we thought Disney would be great! To cut a very long story short I was really ill the whole time, I missed seeing Loralai enjoy and embrace all the magic. I literally spent every moment in the room, I never ate, I slept like never before and we even had to call out a doctor.

It literally SUCKED.

So we pretty much re-booked it straight away. We went and it was amazing, it was magical, I got on some rides, we could jump que’s (thanks baby bump), we met Mickey and we eat lot’s of food and ice cream.

It really was amazing.

It was hard too, I’m not going to lie. Being 7 months pregnant at Disneyland is hard but what I can tell you is that it was 100% worth it.

Just to see my Loralai’s face. Dreamy.

We made memories that will last a life time, it was also our last holiday as a 3 and when we left Loralai actually said …

”Bye Disney, see you next time with Marceline”.

Although this will be a few years down the line I am already SUPER excited about it! Having my girls, Rick AND go on any/all the rides because I still haven’t done that (being sick and pregnant kinda stops that).

 But yeah Disney rocked.

We are home now and on the 10 week countdown for Marceline’s arrival.

For now here is some of my FAVE Disney photos, MUCH love!