A Texas beauty, post breastfeeding boobies, Insta Mam’s, brand rep times, the wonderful and kick ass MAM community and finally ALL THE FEELS.

That probably doesn’t make a huge lot of sense but to me it equals GRL PWR. I became a Mam in 2013 and of course in my head I was in the Mam gang but really I felt alone. I tried the local groups but nothing really stuck I just enjoyed having a mini me and plodded on. Not so long ago I started an Instagram page and I quickly came across Mam’s, Mum’s, Mammy’s, Mummy’s – BASICALLY I FOUND THE GANG.

It’s only been a few months but I tell you what Instagram’s Mam community rocks. I have met a load of new Mam’s who just support each other, ALL THE TIME. And it’s just great AF!

I wanted to start a blog for a really long time. So I did. I’ve never really known if anyone liked it, read it, shared it, maybe someone related to something I said or found some comfort? I really started the blog because I don’t do anything for myself, like ever. I wanted a hobby and it turned into this thing that I just LOVE. So I don’t mind if people do or don’t read it, because it’s for me, to make me feel good. Recently a lovely lady all the way from Texas (TEXAS!!) sent me a message about my blog, IT MADE MY NIGHT. I’m 100% not going to lie I love that I have at least one reader. It also helps that she’s one of the lovely Insta Mam’s I have met, she is beautiful and her daughter is too.

I love Insta Mam’s!

Now a bunch of my friends have babies, YEY! I get to hang out and coo over other babies and just talk about anything and everything. This is another Mam thing I love and I am trying super hard to meet up with these lovely ladies as much as I can. Even if the hangs have to be super free activities, today I was with a friend who I’ve known forever, we’ve done literally everything together. We took the babes swimming and it was great, we also spent a little time comparing our post breastfeeding boobies. Ha!

I love sharing post baby body things.

Instagram and the Mama gang has also introduced me to the brand rep world. Another wonderful way of supporting people, giving opportunities and having loads of fun! Jackie who runs and owns Polkadot Printing gave Loralai the opportunity to rep for her. We LOVE it and we’re really grateful.

Go check them out …

We REALLY love them!

Last but not least I love Loralai’s GRL PWR, she rocks the drums, loves super heros, tells me we are going to steal cows (maybe I should blog about that), she can tell me what she wants, she’s socialable, confident and most importantly she’s in tune with her emotions. I feel like super woman when she tells me she’s happy, sad or angry and why.

I’ve probably waffled on too much but I just wanted to shout out to all you amazing women! Whatever it is that you do, just know you are MINT and I absolutely LOVE BEING IN YOUR GANG.

Much love to the best community out there!

Broke Thursdays.

I love having Mam friends. I don’t have many and the ones I do have I don’t see as much as I would like but aren’t they good?

Today was one of those days, I got some Mam hangs! I met Sam a few years back at a gig, we both sat near each other and quickly began nattering. We soon realised that both our partners played in the band. We had a few drinks, a dance, fast forward 5/6 years and we are both married and babied up. We don’t see each other all the time, I mean who can with life, jobs, babies and all the stuff in between?

I really like Sam, I know we can have a laugh, it’s always chilled and even though months can pass it’s never awkward. Our little ladies played all day looking at dinosaur bones in the museum, eating snacks and they also kind of got told off from this really rude woman?? For playing near some flowers. Anyway they held hands and I even heard an “I love you” between them. Awww.

Anyway the point of my blog is I love it when people just get life like Sam does, we had arranged soft play a few weeks back but because I am skint I asked to change our date to a free one. Sometimes people get skint, sick, or don’t feel like leaving the house because their SUPER sleepy or just need a day at home. I like it when people get that, when they understand you are skint or need a day at home. Because that’s life.

One of the things I’ve learnt as I’ve gotten older and becoming a Mam is not to get held up on the missed dates, the rearranging or not messaging in a while. I guess I’m trying to say I know I’m supportive of all that and I just really like it when people get that too! Us Mam’s have SO much to do and it’s 24/7, I’m feeling the Mam love today can you tell?

So today was my broke Thursday BUT my day was awesome with Sam, Ralph and the girls!

PS, Mam’s Rule.


Mammy Louise Murray.


When Loralai meets anyone she always introduces herself with her full name, it’s one of her little quirks. She had her injections this week and introduced me to the nurse as Mammy Louise Murray, it was THE cutest. It’s the first time she’s said it, she normally says Sarah, I loved it!

So … Yeah … Injections.

I spoke to L a few times in the week or so up to her needles (as we like to call them). I told her she would be amazing, super brave and that she could have a new toy and lunch out somewhere. I most definitely know out of the two of us it was me who was the most worried. I remember her baby injections, not so nice either. It’s not nice seeing your baby cry, poked, prodded and upset for a day or two. But this time she’s three, actually three and a half. She knows what’s coming, she will remember it and I know she’ll be talking about it LOTS.

She went in, got one injection, kind of looked a bit ‘what are you doing, but I’m ok’ then she realised the nurse had a second one. She looked at me, cried one little tear (which felt like a thousand) and said “don’t do it to me, I don’t want anymore Mammy”.


Ugh, it was just awful. She was amazing. Seconds after she was all full of beans asking for three stickers, one for each shoe and one for her dress. Because who doesn’t want stickers on their shoes? All day I felt bad, I held her arms while the nurse did her stuff and it’s engrained in my brain for life. It definitely balanced out with her getting a new Trolls toy, we had lunch out too. We mooched around the shops, had loads of cuddles, kisses and a bunch of you are AWESOMENESS that made it all ok.

She told as many people as she could that she’d had her needles and that she was brave. She was super proud.

THAT my friends is MY TINY HUMAN, mine. And she rocks.


I made a poo for you.

One of the first things Loralai said to me this morning was …

“Mammy I made a wee and a poo for you, it’s big and old, can you smell it?”.

It instantly made me smile, I just love the things she comes out with! Even if it is toilet related.

We’ve had SUCH a long day, an early morning bath, two doctors visits, we met Kelly and Jacob for breakfast, my Mam/Nanna Jules for lunch and then finally Lisa and Rubee for hangs! We’ve been in and out of shops, chatted, eaten and had lots of fun. I love it when I get to see friends, it’s not as easy when you have a kid or when ALL of you have kids. But even if the moments are a quick 40 minute breakfast they just make you feel HAPPY and HUMAN.

Today we’ve had a good day, it’s made me think how much Loralai has an effect on my happiness. Don’t get me wrong there’s often times of pure tiredness or L has a grumpy day and I have plenty feelings of being FRAZZLED. It’s part of being a Mam isn’t it. But she just makes me SO happy, if I’m not with her and I think about her or I hear our

Favourite dance busting move song EVER …

I just feel amazing. It’s the same feeling I got this morning when she told me about making a poo. The feeling I got watching her being so kind and gentle with Jacob and Rubee. When she said hello to about 10 strangers today. I’m glad she’s around because she’s my happiness fix.

I sometimes get a little down because I’m always ill, back and forth to the doctors for my thyroid and bloods. At the moment I have some crazy stomach problems that the GP can’t seem to get to the bottom of. L came in with me today as she always does, but she was just an absolute ray of sunshine, nattering away with the doctor, helping me up on the bed, telling me I’ll be ok and I’ll get better. I just love our bond, she’s my best friend.

So after a long but fun, feeling human and doing stuff day, me and L snuggled on the couch and watched almost naked animals. We LOVE cartoons!

Here is L with J today, sharing a hug.

This photo is a treasured one, the Murray’s and McGeough’s have a beautiful story and a long lasting friendship.

Shut your cake hole.

Loralai stayed out this weekend while we visited some friends, she’s a good kid and I don’t have any worries when she’s with my Mam. This weekend she said “Shut your cake hole” twice. I have no idea where she’s picked it up from but I’ve learnt this past week or so she repeats A LOT.

When kids say things it’s hard not to laugh isn’t it? But I don’t want L telling people to shut their cake hole. My Mam talked to L about it and we’ve had a little chat too, all seems good. She’s going to pick these things up isn’t she?

To balance it out she did say the cutest thing during her weekend time with the grandparents.

“Look Granda they made boats for twins, let me touch them”.

She said this about two orange canoes outside a sports shop, she was SUPER excited. She’s got a wonderful imagination and gets so excited by EVERYTHING.

One of the things that makes me so proud of Loralai is how she just sleeps out with not a care in the world. I love her sleeping out, I feel bad about it, I feel good about it and I feel the parent guilt! But every time she just has an absolute blast. This weekend she’s been spoilt not only with love but toys and treats and she’s had hang times with her auntie too. And guess what? She loved it, she always does. I do love having the odd weekend away or a night out (don’t we all?) but basically I feel all the feels when she sleeps out, the good and the bad.

She’s good at it so I embrace the ‘hello again adult freedom’ and this weekend I slept in twice … TWICE people.

So I’ve had some fun with the husband, an amazing time with new friends, I’ve eaten good food and drank lots of alcohol!

 I’ve come home to massive kisses, cuddles and plenty of stories about L’s weekend.

We can’t forget the shut your cake hole line too …

Here she is, playing doctors in her Nanna’s kitchen this weekend.

You’re my bestest girl.

We both say this to each other ALL the time, I hope when Loralai is older I’m still her bestest girl. I know she will have the family, her friends and what not but I love our bond and I hope we keep our little quirks and sayings forever.

Today we had a LONG but awesome day. Cinema, sweets, lunch out, ice cream, new clothes! I love nothing more than my hang times with my L. Most days everything runs smoothly but today Loralai fell over about five times, the rain and wind was crazy and she spent a lot of the time in her own little world.

I feel FRAZZLED. But in the best way!

Isn’t it crazy how normal day to day things or the luxury and fun things we do change into something completely different once your little human comes along? I remember the first time I went out just me and L, our first bus ride, our first breastfeed in public, visiting friends, shopping … you get the gist. What’s wonderful and crazy is how much it changes, like ALL the time, before Loralai I just did whatever. Then she came along and I adjusted to sharing my body, my time, my everything! And as each stage comes and goes everything changes, again! It’s lovely as they grow, there’s something new to learn but they also teach you things too.

I love everything about being a Mam, it’s beautiful, amazing, fun, hard, emotional and the rest! Having Loralai has helped me grow as a person, she’s made me become more me and I love learning and watching her grow.

This is our frazzled cuddles on the couch today.

I pake care of you.

Loralai always knows what to say to make me feel better.

I’ve been poorly for over a week now and I can’t seem to shift the headache, it makes me squint and everything! Getting out of bed has been tough, going to work has been hard and trying to give all my attention to L has made me feel even more like a zombie! I have a crap immune system, I have an underactive thyroid and I am currently experiencing a low white blood cell count. So the odds are against me, I always catch the colds/bugs and then it takes me way longer than normal to shift them.

This time around it’s really effected my mood, I’m not sure if it’s the constant headache or what but I have been down in the dumps. Loralai has made this weekend for me with her crazy jumping on the bed, singing ALL the Trolls songs, her cute sentences, ah they make my heart BURST. We’ve been to the park, watched LOADS of Powerpuff Girls and played fancy dress. If those things don’t make you smile then I don’t know what will. I was having a moment on the couch today and Loralai said to me …

“It’s ok Mammy I pake care of you”.

We had a cuddle and then I stopped being a moody, poorly woman until she went to bed. I always feel guilty when I’m poorly, I know it’s not my fault and I know it’s super silly but I do. I’m just really glad I’ve had a weekend full of Loralai.

Parents and carers out there, it’s ok to feel poorly and moody, even a little guilty. Having a tiny human with you can somehow magically make those feelings, even if temporarily go away!

L being Tinkerbelle, cheering me up with her smile.

Happy Valemtimes Day.

Mine and Loralai’s love will never end, I loved her from the ‘pee on a stick’ moment and my heart melts every day when she talks to me, I just bloody love her FOREVER.

She’s my walking piece of heart.

It’s Valentine’s Day! Well actually Valemtimes Day, Loralai told me. So of course this post is going to be about LOVE, my favourite thing. Loralai says I love you all the time and I am super happy and proud that she does. I kiss her and hug her probably too much and she does the same to me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the same with her Dad and both our families, I love that she talks about her feelings too. She tells me when she’s happy, sad or angry, I think it’s SO important to have emotional understanding, awareness and to be confident and comfortable with expressing them!

Today me and L are having a chilled morning, I’m writing while she’s drawing Trolls (the new movie Trolls, which we love by the way) but she’s drawing them as spiders. How cool? I plan to make us a picnic for lunch and then we can venture out before meeting Daddy!

Loralai wanted to help me do my work, she’s typed a little …

Wasgvdplw Fasddddddddffffffhhhhhhhhhhhhhiop[[[]]]]]]



And then said …

“We worked together now you work on the computer and then I work on the phone and then the computer, ok Mammy?”

Happy Valemtimes Day everyone,

2Mermaidz x

Loralai’s Valemtimes note.

Did you ever seen them?

One of my favourite things about Loralai is when she strings together a little sentence of her own. I get what she’s saying and it’s just SUPER cute. I think my favourite to date is …

“Did you ever seen them Mammy”.

When she was a baby and I noticed time just DISAPPEARS (it’s like magic or something) I was worried I was going to miss all those firsts and the milestones. But hello Sarah, she’s 3, she’s got millions of firsts still to come.

I have only really just realised this people.

I can’t quite remember what she did the other day but the lightbulb moment happened. I’ve literally got loads of things to learn, watch and enjoy as she grows. She started nursery in January and she just breezed in, cool as a cucumber, like she’s been there forever. It was me who spent days feeling like a lost soul. She’s so independent and just gets on with everything, I really admire her for it.

Can you tell she’s at nursery right now? Haha.

I miss her face when she’s gone, her sense of humour and general awesomeness, isn’t it truly amazing how much you can love someone? Today is good though, I’m loaded with a cold and I can’t quite adult so nursery is a good place for her to be right now.

What I’m trying to say everyone is …

Loralai is my favourite human and in her words …

“Mammy we are bestest girls ok”.

Me and L on her first taster day of nursery.


Est. 2013

The year that made me.

My bump turned into a human, my human, 2 weeks late may I add! But a human that was mine, someone I was responsible for and it truly was LOVE at first sight.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now, I have so many ideas and things I want to do. 2017 has already become the year of ‘doing shit’ and I like it! I made an Instagram in late 2016, wanting to share little pieces of mine and Loralai’s memories, love of clothes, general cuteness and what not. The website came second and my brain hurt for days! Massive big ups to the husband for the help and getting me to chill out. Anyways the blog is my third thing, it’s something I want to have that is mine. A hobby, a passion, something fun, me time.

I think I need this actually.

My plan is to take influence from Loralai, mainly from her funny words or sentences and then I’ll write, kind of like we are working together. Then as she grows she can have more input into our 2Mermaidz world.

This journal (the picture) is something I started during my pregnancy and this blog marks the evolution of that. All hail 2013, the year I became me and Loralai became my world.

My pregnancy and memorable moments fill these pages.