Pip’s Parcels

Where do I begin?

Michaela from Pip’s Parcels is such a gem, she’s one of the loveliest humans! A few months back I entered Loralai into her rep search and I was super happy when she was chosen alongside some other littles. Michaela creates tie dye beauties and you can pretty much get anything you want, all you have to do is message her. She is a genius!

We have a group chat for all things Pip’s but it’s become, to me at least, a safe haven for chatting about Mama life, the ups and downs, sharing snaps of our littles and talking about anything! And I can’t forget all the LOVE we share for Pip’s, Michaela really is a super creative!

I thought I’d get a mix of snaps for this post, so you can really see the difference in her creations …

Twinning Skull Tops

Birthday ‘Five’ Top

Loralai has a few tops, some dresses and a bag for school.

Marceline has some baby vests, the one below is my FAVE.

I even have a few bits for myself, check out my frilly socks.

One of my fave orders was for our skull tops, I love it when we twin up.

But look at these two even cuter twins …

In Pip’s ugly Christmas print, I love them.

I seriously have SO many snaps of the girls but I wanted to share the team LOVE and get a few product pictures from Michaela too.

Check out the coolest littles, Seren and Gunnar.

Amaze snaps from their Mama Charlotte.

And Helen with her beautiful boys, soo dreamy!

The cutest little Oliver, these pictures from his Mam Shannon are beautiful!

And last but not least some pictures of Michaela’s creations.

See, there is just so much choice! So many options, and you can see if your idea’s will work too. Michaela is just a message away.

Loralai has a new pink dress with skulls on, I can’t wait to snap some pictures of her in it. I actually wish it was mine. She’s back in her Christmas top for her last day of school tomorrow, and I bet no one else is wearing a tie dye top! So unique.

Thanks for having us Michaela, we love being on your team with lush team members too.

And if anyone wants to make an order don’t forget we all have discount codes!


You can shop on Instagram or Etsy, links below.


Tattered Thread

– Natalie Sedgewick –

So can we take a moment to appreciate this thing of beauty?

Natalie is the super creative behind this new embroidery mix up of modern day style with some tattoo inspiration. Her work is vibrant, full of detail, screams cool and is of course – right up my street! You can see the tattoo theme in her work, which I absolutely love.

I love the mix up of her art work with the flowers, and those super pretty jewels too.

Natalie has just set up a new page on Instagram, Tattered Thread where you can find all her AMAZING work, she is taking on commissions too.

Loralai said her favourite is – Pizza is life, which made me think up a few idea’s for the girls bedrooms. I’d like her to create some piece’s for the girls because I love having artwork in their rooms. Especially when it’s coming from such a mega babe, and small shop.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Natalie recently, she has played such a huge part in my new pin venture (blog coming soon) and it’s honestly been such a pleasure.

She even surprised me with this beauty …

An embroidery of my pin logo, it is SUPER pretty and I love it so much.

Look at the details …

It’s currently sat on my desk and I can’t wait to put it up on my wall.

Go show her some LOVE, she is the sweetest most beautiful human who I look forward to working with in the future!

Get in touch for all your embroidery needs, they are such a cool and personal gift idea too. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for my girls.

I’m thinking a unicorn for Loralai and a bat for Marceline, I’m already excited!

So much LOVE for Natalie.

 Nat The Natural Mom

Nat’s creations are for cool Mom’s and tiny humans, she sells apparel and chalkboards which include Mommy and me outfits, baby onesies and shirts, pregnancy trackers, monthly growth trackers and birthday boards.

She is also up for custom orders, LOVE.

Edit – Things have changed SO much, Nat is like super woman right now and is running this world! The shop I blogged about below has gone and she now has Magically Pressed Co for you all you Disney fans and The Mothering Front a community and apparel space for us Mama’s!

Go show Nat and her new creations some LOVE!

She is also running a blog which is BEAUTIFUL, I’ll be doing a more up to date blog with all of Nat’s new tee’s. Everything I’ve said below still stands, her tee’s are fab!

Since I came across Nat’s shop I’ve been watching her feed like a hawk, I loved so many of her designs! When the ‘Badass Mama’ tee popped up I just had to buy it. It’s the first time I’ve ordered something from the states and I was honestly shocked at how quickly it came, I’ve heard it can take weeks so I thought I’d mention the super fast delivery.

In true Mama style I didn’t get to open my parcel until 2 whole days after it arrived through my door. Busy, busy, busy. I was so excited to see a little note from Nat and what I loved the most is that she put Sarah Lou, not Sarah, Sarah Lou. It may sound weird but I loved that, I go by Sarah Lou and sometimes people call me Sarah … Which is fine because that is my name but Sarah Louise is my actual name too, anyway it was a nice touch in my eyes!

The tag also has the care instructions on …

I waited to write up this blog until I had worn and washed the tee, the fit was just what I was after (I bought a US size M), it’s stretchy too which I like in a top. It’s super cool, I love the black around the neck and sleeves. It was easy to breastfeed in, I felt awesome all day, it really is my new fave tee!

If you’re not already following Nat and her shops make sure to head to her pages, she’s all kinds of AMAZE.

Two Tough Tikes

I’ve blogged about the lovely Zoe’s shop before and if you didn’t catch it here’s a recap with plenty of snaps. Tough Tikes Apparel is a small shop on Instagram with designs from Zoe featuring all things rock and roll, tattoo, skulls, graffiti and more. Zoe frequently has £5 Fridays on set designs so keep your eyes peeled!

Loralai has two long sleeve tops – one with a skull, obviously because we LOVE skulls. The other has an old school swallow, she always looks super cool in them so here’s some snaps …

This is the swallow design, L’s crazy mermaid hair is covering it a little but this is one of my favourite tops that she owns.

As you can see this is another firm fave, she wears this one a lot!

Zoe has so many designs and the kids always look SO cool in them, make sure you check out her Instagram page.

I also have some snaps of the coolest dude Freddie, check him out in all his Tough Tikes gear!

You can follow Freddie’s amazing Mam Kelly and her little ones here …

If you have any ideas you can drop Zoe a message, she also makes clothes for adults.

For discount on your orders use either code …




And finally just another look at these Two Tough Tikes, they’re the coolest!

All the Pom Poms!

Can there ever really be too many pom poms? No!

If you love colour, pom poms, felt balls and beautiful woolly creations then Sausage and the Dog is for you! Nic is a super lovely creative and you’ve got to check out her Etsy shop and Instagram page!


But for now a little treat for Loralai will do, I bought one of Nic’s pom pom headbands full of pinks and glitter!

Loralai is a fan!

Nic also sent some clip on pom poms which Loralai also LOVES.

And they both take pride in her bedroom the little cutie, check out her pom poms here …

So if you enjoy something a little different go shop with Sausage and the Dog. There’s everything from wall hangings, wreaths, accessories, home decorations and more. My shopping list is longer than my arm haha.

All the heart eyes!

Shop here …

Guess who’s back?

SUPER excited today for the re-opening of Baby Dee and Me, eek! Let’s talk all things old and new, firstly there is a 20% off code for the shop – HELLAOPEN. Also on their Instagram feed you’ll see the NEARLY PAYDAY giveaway, you can get £10 store credit.

Just head over to Instagram for more info.

The designs from Baby Dee and Me are inspired by music, there’s a cool AF range featuring some monochrome, adult humour, baby vests, kids tee’s and more.

Slogan tee dreams right there!

You will see the return of their best seller’s #milky, on my worst behaviour, ready or not, cool like dat and the Monday’s child series. Alongside those you’ll find some newness, my personal fave is the F*ck a Decaf raglan. I will be treating myself to one once the VERY long awaited January pay arrives.

Go check out Baby Dee’s Instagram feed, get your shop on and make sure to watch out for their newsletter and new website too!

Here’s my girls in some Baby Dee to remind you …

And here’s some of their designs …

And when the code runs out you can STILL get discount by using –


Hey 2’18 Teams

It feels like I haven’t taken any pictures of L for her team/rep roles in SO long. I’m so excited to show you all some new shots of my super cool L in amazing independent clothes.

It was FREEZING so we did it all super quick but the results are MINT.

Polkadot Printing

Loralai in ‘Big Sis’ and ‘Cool Kid’ tee’s




Shop Polkadot on Instagram or Etsy, use code – LORALAI15 for discount!

Baby Dee and Me

Loralai in ‘I wish I was a little bit taller’ hoody

And my little baby M in ‘I can’t get no sleep’ vest



Shop Baby Dee and Me on Instagram and sign up to their newsletter for exclusive news and competitions.

Code – LORALAI15 for discount.

LOVE AND LOVE to these shops!

Coming soon …

 Shopping small with Mint Sherbet and Sew Darn Cute!

You’ll also see Loralai and Marcy in some Polkadot Printing, Baby Dee and Me and I’ll be sharing some pics of the AMAZE gingerbread men decorations from Little November.

Hello again, The Little Closet

Not too long back I wrote a blog about this lovely gender neutral shop for children. The Little Closet creates hand made clothing which is now available up to age 6 (whoop) and I just love the colours, their message and guess what? They have just released their Christmas range!

I wanted to share snaps of the Christmas jumper beauties.

They are going fast so be quick!

The Little Closet also have a giveaway running until the end of November so get over to their Instagram page for more info!

My fave is the jumper with the burgundy, LOVE.

Follow the links to their Instagram and shop.

Tiny Knots Ft. The dreamiest stars

My love for this Instagram shop just grows, grows and grows! Seriously I feel like I need to go and get a second job JUST so I can have Loralai and Marceline in Tiny Knots for LIFE.

Loralai just received her newest rep outfit and it’s a dreamy, star printed grey romper. All the heart eyes! She wanted to wear it straight away, as per. She really loves the prints from Tiny Knots, she’s got good taste! Her favourite dress is still, very firmly, the little seaside delight from there. I am SO looking forward to the day when Loralai and Marceline can match in that print!

As usual the fabric is super soft, the romper is beautifully made and this time oh I just LOVE the star print. I’m really loving stars and grey at the moment so it’s literally THE best combo in my eyes! We’ve been chilling at home today and I was hoping that Loralai would wait until we where out and about to wear her romper but she wanted it on straight away.

She’s basically just mooched around the house all day looking super cute!

I have to include these snaps of her and remember to use the code: LORALAI10 for discount people.


Tough Tikes Apparel

Hello to another new Insta shop we’ve found! Zoe has created a rock and roll/tattoo inspired shop for the kids. And I am LOVING it.

I love finding unique and quirky clothes for Loralai! I’ve ordered her a skull top with a snowflake pattern on and another top with an old school swallow.


I’m so excited to receive them and share some snaps with you all. You can take a look at Zoe’s designs or message her to discuss custom pieces. We entered the brand rep search and have been lucky enough to be chosen as enthusiasts.

Here is a code for you lovely lot – LORALAI10

Watch this space for some snaps of L and her fellow team members. For now let’s take a look at Tough Tikes and Peanut & Co’s most recent collaboration, it’s amaze and features my fave skull/snowflake design.

It’s only available for 2 weeks so be quick! You can also change the design if you fancy something different, take a look below and here are the links to both Insta shops.

Look at that romper though!

AW newness

So I have lot’s to share people, all the newness, AW drops, the dreamy autumn colours, ahhh LOVE! I have loads of pictures too.

First off check out Loralai in her new polka dot romper from Tiny Knots.

SUPER cute, she looked so grown up too! As always the fabric is FAB, the romper is super well made and the main thing – Loralai loves it! I’ve bought lots for Loralai and Marceline from Tiny Knots, I literally can NOT wait to see them match! Plenty of pics to follow when she’s here!!

Tiny Knots –

Tiny Knots discount – LORALAI10

Little Black Stage have released their new leggings, take a look at more of their amazing monochrome cuteness for the babes.

These Movember leggings are so cool, I’m loving the moustache fabric! With every sale Little Black Stage will donate a percentage to charity for prostate cancer too, amazing!

Take a look at the other leggings, they’re up now on the website.

Don’t forget we have a discount code too.

Next up Baby Dee and Me

So I blogged about their AW releases and OMG Loralai has their ‘I wish I was a little bit taller’ jumper, one word – LOVE! She wouldn’t wear a coat because she wanted to be in it the cutie. The colour is lush, the fabric super soft AND it’s a cool AF jumper for my babe. I couldn’t stop snapping pics of her so be prepared for lots of photos! Also you only have one day left to get in on the sale, I bought baby M a tee and vest – too cute!

Snaps of those to follow on from Loralai being a BABE!

Get over to their Instagram for more coolness!

Use the code – LORALAI15 for 15% off your orders.

All the clothes

I have lot’s of newness for L and bump.

I want to share the love and pictures with you all!

Some Tiny Knots and Baby Dee LOVE.

 Plus the new drop from Little Black Stage!


Coming tomorrow eve people.

AW babe drops, Baby Dee and Me

As always Baby Dee have their cool AF range, not just for the babes but us Mama’s too! They currently have a sale on which you NEED to get over to, make sure to add LORALAI15 in the notes people.

What more could you want?

So as a reminder I have some snaps to share BUT I also have some super new AW release pictures, ahhh! With literally the best raglan for us Mam’s, I need one in my life.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for the drop!

Links to Instagram and Etsy below, the new raglan picture features this absolute babe, Grace! Instagram Mam love right here …


Now are you ready for this babe and THE raglan?

Total Mam crushing over here!!

Sales, discount codes, newness, AW drops, this shop and Grace! LOVE.

The Little Closet

 Gender neutral for the babes.

I most definitely love anything that gives the whole blue/pink, gender assigned, blah blah crap a huge kick in the face. It’s still on our adverts, still in our shops but I know so many babes who are fighting the battle and winning. The Little Closet is a perfect example of hand made beautiful clothes with all those gender neutral feels.


You need to get over to their page on Instagram for many reasons, their clothes, the style, those neutral vibes and they have a GIVEAWAY!

Also they are soon to be moving from 0-3yrs to 0-6yrs, whoop!

Take a look at the link below and in the mean time here are some snaps of their range!

Making memories Ft. Polkadot Printing

My love for this shop will never fade, Polkadot Printing has been the start of something amazing for us 2Mermaidz, I am truly grateful to the amazing Jackie for giving Loralai her first opportunity to be a rep. We’ve had SO much fun with our baby announcements with the help of Polkadot. We’ve been silly, cute and we are already in discussions about a ‘hello world’ vest for my baby M.

Always exciting!

Polkadot have their own designs as well as making personalised tee’s for babies, kids and us adults. With Halloween and Christmas fast approaching go check out Jackie’s designs or get your ideas over to her.

Use code – LORALAI15 when you get to the check out too!

You can shop Polkadot on Instagram and Etsy, check out the links below.

Look at Loralai and Rosanna in their cool kid tee’s.


Here’s a little snippet of Jackie’s designs too.

All the loves.


Little Black Stage, monochrome love.

When I last blogged about this lovely Insta shop it was their 3 day countdown. Now they are officially open with their super cool leggings to boot. I couldn’t of been happier with the quirky monochrome shark leggings for Loralai and Marceline, obviously I’ll have to wait a little longer to see baby M in them but Loralai looked SO cool! She told her nursery friends and the teachers ALL day about her shark leggings, the little babe.

The print is cool and the leggings have a lovely thick fabric, L said they are comfy too. Super important to be cool AND comfy right? If you head over to their page you can see all of the monochrome prints.

I also have another code for you guys – 2MERMAIDZ10 for 10% off your orders!

I have to share these FAB snaps of Loralai and the Little Black Stage gang.

Little Black Stage –

Loralai Ft. The black shark leggings.

Here is the SUPER cute Rory.

I can’t cope with Alesso, how cool please? Rocking the marble leggings.

And last but not least this dreamy boy, check out his Mam’s photography skills too.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Fabrics of DREAMZ

Hello Tiny Knots.

So if you don’t already know I LOVEEE Tiny Knots, I came across this amazing shop on Instagram a little while back. And I know I’ve already told this story before BUT we won a little competition and I picked something for the baby bump. As soon as the romper came I couldn’t get over how soft the fabric was, the attention to detail, so well made! AND most of all the print, LOVE. Since then Loralai has become a rep, she got the skull dress of dreams and I still really want one! I’ve also had to treat the girls to some matching bits because I literally can’t cope with the prints.

So I just want to holla some of my love and actually some of Loralai’s love because her new fave dress is from Tiny Knots and today I received the octopus romper for Marceline with matching pants for Loralai.

All the heart eyes people.

Loralai’s next rep outfit came too and I just can’t wait to show her, I already have plans for a Tuesday photo sesh feeding the ducks. Aaahh.

If you don’t already go over to Instagram and give them a follow.

Show some small business love, treat the kids and use this code.

LORALAI10 – for 10% off whatever it is you order!

Look people, just look!

Skull dress LOVE.

Dreamy seaside dress, L’s current FAVE plus baby M has a romper too!

Octo LOVEEE, baby M’s first size romper. Too cute to deal, totally got L matching trousers.

Twinning for LYF.

Or until they say ‘Mam, stop.’

Team Love!

So let’s say hello to these AMAZING shops …

Myself and my amazing little L are lucky enough to be a part of these cool AF shops, lot’s of love, opportunities and support over here!

Tiny Knots has THE best fabrics, super soft, unreal prints, the detail and quality are so good. I honestly can’t shout out enough about how amazing they are! I was lucky enough to win something for baby M and now L is on the team spreading the LOVE.

Pics to follow of the BEST skull dress, I actually want one for myself! I can’t wait to order more rompers for bump.

A link for the shop is above and below are some pics showing off their utter awesomeness.

Baby Dee and Me

Super cool, like cool AF, there’s stuff for babies, toddlers, kids and us parents! Yes us too! We are new to team Baby Dee and Me and we are super, super excited. I can already see my purse strings being strapped, actually while I’m talking buys here is a 15% off code, YEY, now go use it on your orders people!


They also have a charity raffle on, a tee which is a collaboration with Mary’s Machine.

The money raised goes to War Child.

The tickets are only £2

Here is some of Baby Dee and Me’s amazing range!

Little Black Stage

A super new shop over on Instagram they have amazing monochrome patterns, all the cuteness – leggings for babies and kids. Again we were lucky enough to win some leggings and L is now on their team too. I’ve already got matching shark leggings for L and bump on route.

Get over to their page, it’s a 3 day countdown until open day!!

Link above, pictures below.

And finally these two lovely shops, Polkadot Printing and Little November.

Polkadot Printing have re-opened and are taking custom orders alongside selling their current stock, they have a cute Halloween Tee competition on too. Don’t miss out!

Little November literally create the most AMAZING things, I just can’t help but stare at all their amazing creations. I am 100% buying the girls a gingerbread Christmas decoration each!! I mean just LOOK at their stuff.

Links to both shops are above and pics are below.

Thanks to Polkadot Printing for helping us with our baby announcements.

Little November’s dreamy creations!

Much love from us 2Mermaidz X

Tiny Knots Love

So I am a HUGE Instagram fan from the constant inspiration to fellow bloggers, support, Mam power, amazing shops and the rest!

What’s not to love?

One of the things I have enjoyed the most is finding cool ass people who work super hard and then create awesome things! Again that’s anything from clothes, bags, pins, you name it! I’ve had loads of fun noseying around buying things when I can (a wedding AND a new baby sorta steals your money) and I’ve also stumbled across the brand rep world.

I already share shops and things I love, hence some of the new pages on here but it’s also super fun and exciting to have first dibs or to be the first to look at someone’s new creations.

Taking some snaps and sharing them, supporting their journey!

Myself and Loralai are new to the brand repping, we’ve had loads of fun with Polkadot Printing and we now have a new opportunity with Tiny Knots, not forgetting Little November who we are Brand Ambassadors for! It’s so much fun and we are always SUPER grateful for opportunities to support others.

So if you haven’t already check out these awesome shops, lot’s of CUTENESS for toddler and baby!

Keep your eyes peeled for some of our fave finds, lot’s of snap to follow soon too – Loralai in some Tiny Knots get up, LOVE.