Est. 2013

The year that made me.

My bump turned into a human, my human, 2 weeks late may I add! But a human that was mine, someone I was responsible for and it truly was LOVE at first sight.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now, I have so many ideas and things I want to do. 2017 has already become the year of ‘doing shit’ and I like it! I made an Instagram in late 2016, wanting to share little pieces of mine and Loralai’s memories, love of clothes, general cuteness and what not. The website came second and my brain hurt for days! Massive big ups to the husband for the help and getting me to chill out. Anyways the blog is my third thing, it’s something I want to have that is mine. A hobby, a passion, something fun, me time.

I think I need this actually.

My plan is to take influence from Loralai, mainly from her funny words or sentences and then I’ll write, kind of like we are working together. Then as she grows she can have more input into our 2Mermaidz world.

This journal (the picture) is something I started during my pregnancy and this blog marks the evolution of that. All hail 2013, the year I became me and Loralai became my world.

My pregnancy and memorable moments fill these pages.


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