Did you ever seen them?

One of my favourite things about Loralai is when she strings together a little sentence of her own. I get what she’s saying and it’s just SUPER cute. I think my favourite to date is …

“Did you ever seen them Mammy”.

When she was a baby and I noticed time just DISAPPEARS (it’s like magic or something) I was worried I was going to miss all those firsts and the milestones. But hello Sarah, she’s 3, she’s got millions of firsts still to come.

I have only really just realised this people.

I can’t quite remember what she did the other day but the lightbulb moment happened. I’ve literally got loads of things to learn, watch and enjoy as she grows. She started nursery in January and she just breezed in, cool as a cucumber, like she’s been there forever. It was me who spent days feeling like a lost soul. She’s so independent and just gets on with everything, I really admire her for it.

Can you tell she’s at nursery right now? Haha.

I miss her face when she’s gone, her sense of humour and general awesomeness, isn’t it truly amazing how much you can love someone? Today is good though, I’m loaded with a cold and I can’t quite adult so nursery is a good place for her to be right now.

What I’m trying to say everyone is …

Loralai is my favourite human and in her words …

“Mammy we are bestest girls ok”.

Me and L on her first taster day of nursery.


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