Happy Valemtimes Day.

Mine and Loralai’s love will never end, I loved her from the ‘pee on a stick’ moment and my heart melts every day when she talks to me, I just bloody love her FOREVER.

She’s my walking piece of heart.

It’s Valentine’s Day! Well actually Valemtimes Day, Loralai told me. So of course this post is going to be about LOVE, my favourite thing. Loralai says I love you all the time and I am super happy and proud that she does. I kiss her and hug her probably too much and she does the same to me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the same with her Dad and both our families, I love that she talks about her feelings too. She tells me when she’s happy, sad or angry, I think it’s SO important to have emotional understanding, awareness and to be confident and comfortable with expressing them!

Today me and L are having a chilled morning, I’m writing while she’s drawing Trolls (the new movie Trolls, which we love by the way) but she’s drawing them as spiders. How cool? I plan to make us a picnic for lunch and then we can venture out before meeting Daddy!

Loralai wanted to help me do my work, she’s typed a little …

Wasgvdplw Fasddddddddffffffhhhhhhhhhhhhhiop[[[]]]]]]



And then said …

“We worked together now you work on the computer and then I work on the phone and then the computer, ok Mammy?”

Happy Valemtimes Day everyone,

2Mermaidz x

Loralai’s Valemtimes note.

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