You’re my bestest girl.

We both say this to each other ALL the time, I hope when Loralai is older I’m still her bestest girl. I know she will have the family, her friends and what not but I love our bond and I hope we keep our little quirks and sayings forever.

Today we had a LONG but awesome day. Cinema, sweets, lunch out, ice cream, new clothes! I love nothing more than my hang times with my L. Most days everything runs smoothly but today Loralai fell over about five times, the rain and wind was crazy and she spent a lot of the time in her own little world.

I feel FRAZZLED. But in the best way!

Isn’t it crazy how normal day to day things or the luxury and fun things we do change into something completely different once your little human comes along? I remember the first time I went out just me and L, our first bus ride, our first breastfeed in public, visiting friends, shopping … you get the gist. What’s wonderful and crazy is how much it changes, like ALL the time, before Loralai I just did whatever. Then she came along and I adjusted to sharing my body, my time, my everything! And as each stage comes and goes everything changes, again! It’s lovely as they grow, there’s something new to learn but they also teach you things too.

I love everything about being a Mam, it’s beautiful, amazing, fun, hard, emotional and the rest! Having Loralai has helped me grow as a person, she’s made me become more me and I love learning and watching her grow.

This is our frazzled cuddles on the couch today.

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