Shut your cake hole.

Loralai stayed out this weekend while we visited some friends, she’s a good kid and I don’t have any worries when she’s with my Mam. This weekend she said “Shut your cake hole” twice. I have no idea where she’s picked it up from but I’ve learnt this past week or so she repeats A LOT.

When kids say things it’s hard not to laugh isn’t it? But I don’t want L telling people to shut their cake hole. My Mam talked to L about it and we’ve had a little chat too, all seems good. She’s going to pick these things up isn’t she?

To balance it out she did say the cutest thing during her weekend time with the grandparents.

“Look Granda they made boats for twins, let me touch them”.

She said this about two orange canoes outside a sports shop, she was SUPER excited. She’s got a wonderful imagination and gets so excited by EVERYTHING.

One of the things that makes me so proud of Loralai is how she just sleeps out with not a care in the world. I love her sleeping out, I feel bad about it, I feel good about it and I feel the parent guilt! But every time she just has an absolute blast. This weekend she’s been spoilt not only with love but toys and treats and she’s had hang times with her auntie too. And guess what? She loved it, she always does. I do love having the odd weekend away or a night out (don’t we all?) but basically I feel all the feels when she sleeps out, the good and the bad.

She’s good at it so I embrace the ‘hello again adult freedom’ and this weekend I slept in twice … TWICE people.

So I’ve had some fun with the husband, an amazing time with new friends, I’ve eaten good food and drank lots of alcohol!

 I’ve come home to massive kisses, cuddles and plenty of stories about L’s weekend.

We can’t forget the shut your cake hole line too …

Here she is, playing doctors in her Nanna’s kitchen this weekend.

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