A Texas beauty, post breastfeeding boobies, Insta Mam’s, brand rep times, the wonderful and kick ass MAM community and finally ALL THE FEELS.

That probably doesn’t make a huge lot of sense but to me it equals GRL PWR. I became a Mam in 2013 and of course in my head I was in the Mam gang but really I felt alone. I tried the local groups but nothing really stuck I just enjoyed having a mini me and plodded on. Not so long ago I started an Instagram page and I quickly came across Mam’s, Mum’s, Mammy’s, Mummy’s – BASICALLY I FOUND THE GANG.

It’s only been a few months but I tell you what Instagram’s Mam community rocks. I have met a load of new Mam’s who just support each other, ALL THE TIME. And it’s just great AF!

I wanted to start a blog for a really long time. So I did. I’ve never really known if anyone liked it, read it, shared it, maybe someone related to something I said or found some comfort? I really started the blog because I don’t do anything for myself, like ever. I wanted a hobby and it turned into this thing that I just LOVE. So I don’t mind if people do or don’t read it, because it’s for me, to make me feel good. Recently a lovely lady all the way from Texas (TEXAS!!) sent me a message about my blog, IT MADE MY NIGHT. I’m 100% not going to lie I love that I have at least one reader. It also helps that she’s one of the lovely Insta Mam’s I have met, she is beautiful and her daughter is too.

I love Insta Mam’s!

Now a bunch of my friends have babies, YEY! I get to hang out and coo over other babies and just talk about anything and everything. This is another Mam thing I love and I am trying super hard to meet up with these lovely ladies as much as I can. Even if the hangs have to be super free activities, today I was with a friend who I’ve known forever, we’ve done literally everything together. We took the babes swimming and it was great, we also spent a little time comparing our post breastfeeding boobies. Ha!

I love sharing post baby body things.

Instagram and the Mama gang has also introduced me to the brand rep world. Another wonderful way of supporting people, giving opportunities and having loads of fun! Jackie who runs and owns Polkadot Printing gave Loralai the opportunity to rep for her. We LOVE it and we’re really grateful.

Go check them out …

We REALLY love them!

Last but not least I love Loralai’s GRL PWR, she rocks the drums, loves super heros, tells me we are going to steal cows (maybe I should blog about that), she can tell me what she wants, she’s socialable, confident and most importantly she’s in tune with her emotions. I feel like super woman when she tells me she’s happy, sad or angry and why.

I’ve probably waffled on too much but I just wanted to shout out to all you amazing women! Whatever it is that you do, just know you are MINT and I absolutely LOVE BEING IN YOUR GANG.

Much love to the best community out there!

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