Hello again blog, I missed you.

UGH, there is no excuse for the lack of blogging from me, I have been a smudge under the weather and I’m a Mam, I work, time just goes super fast sometimes BUT that’s still not an excuse. This was my allocated Sarah time that I vowed I would stick too – I’ve kicked myself today and I am BACK.

I know I haven’t been away for months but I did promise myself this, I enjoy it too and it seems I have some readers – YEY I LOVE YOU GUYS. Anyhow I’m most likely going to talk about the busyness of life today. Everyone gets busy, there’s just SO much stuff to do. I’m going to natter about the fun shizz that’s kept me busy though rather than dwell on poorly, busy ass, work, Mam times!!!

Why? Because it involves ice cream, doughnuts, the beach and my Loralai.

We visited the beach, the 3 of us, which was super lush because we don’t get loads of time as a little family. The sun was out, the sea was FREEZING, because we live in England obvs but the ice cream and memories are the bizz. Mr Murray is great with the camera and he took some beautiful family beach shots, pics to follow. We also had a doughnut trip to Krispy Kreme YUMMMMM and a shout out to those guys for sharing my picture of L in her Krispy Kreme hat!

I have made a bunch of little notes in my phone of stuff I need/want to blog about so watch out I’m back into my blogging groove, I wish you could of heard the little song I just made up about being back in a blog groove …

Anyway people keep an eye out for some funny stories about L.

In the mean time here are some cute family pics of the fun busy times!

The beach – Seaham

The Ice cream – Lickety Split



Photo CRED – Murray Lad


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