Mammy do you love everyone in the world like me?

Loralai said this today and she couldn’t have said it at a better time.

“Mammy do you love everyone in the world like me”?

So I’m a newly wed and it was super crazy planning it all, kicking the hurdles with my stressed ass, making hard decisions and knowing I couldn’t please everyone but I have to say our wedding was a dream. I worked hard on the theme and all the little details, we only had one minor slip up on the day so I definitely can’t complain plus I married the funniest man I know.


Recently baby brain has taken over, yey! I keep forgetting stuff and doing silly things. One thing I never forget though is where EVERYTHING is in my house. I am a little obsessive with neatness, things having their place and trust me I know where EVERYTHING is because that’s how my brain works. Even as a kid!! I’ve never lost anything, ever and I’m overly cautious with my things, not in a noticeable way, sometimes, ha! But I am and I know it.

On Sunday we had a fun filled morning taking L to breakfast with the Trolls – I mean who doesn’t like that combo? This was the last day I had my wedding ring on. Yeah, you heard me peeps, it’s gone, my ring, my beautiful pearl wedding ring. The thing is you see I NEVER loose anything and I know I haven’t lost it because I use the same pieces of jewellery every day. I take them off to clean, have a bath or go to bed and obviously they go in the same place, every time. Because I am that person who likes things in a certain place, EVERY. TIME. So the crazy thing is all my jewellery is still there, my other rings and my bracelet just not my wedding ring. It makes zero sense.

Now of course in my life time things have been miss placed but it’s Thursday evening, the hoover was searched, the couch turned upside down, I’ve been through toys, bags, coats – you name it, I’ve looked through it. I don’t know why I looked in all those places because all my other bits of jewellery are there, where they belong.

 I cried about it today.

It’s weird having this brain of ‘organisation’ mixed with my emotional attachment to my ring AND I’m a hormonal  pregnant lady who is already a soppy shite anyway!

I mean I think my insurance may cover it, but it’s not the same, it’s not THE ring and it’s hard to accept that me (ME) of all people don’t know where my ring is, in my own house.

All I know is somehow Loralai always does something or says something to make me feel better, I mean who doesn’t love everyone in the world?


The saved jewellery, the wedding rings exchange & the best cuddles from L.

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