Hey Baby M.

We had our first moment alone on Monday baby M.

I heard baby no.2’s heartbeat on Monday, L was in nursery and Mr M was at work. I didn’t experience L’s heartbeat alone and I know you have lot’s of moments with the babes when your pregnant but I would say my first real moment alone with L was her moving/kicking, she lived in my ribs! So this for me is a different kind of first. I knew things would be different, not everything happens the same way, different pregnancy symptoms and all the other preggers shizz – I think that will read totally different to how it sounded in my head but hey I’m keeping it in here!

The thing is, it just doesn’t seem real, I was exactly the same with L. Even though I grew and grew, I decorated a nursery and I bought LOADS of baby things. It was the moment when the consultant quickly flashed her up in the air that I was like …

Wow she’s mine, I am responsible for this baby.

It was all a blur at the start, lot’s of new things like, well, becoming a Mam, Ha! And I am wondering will it be the same this time? Will it blur at the start and then I blink and my baby is 3 months old? Or will it be more like, hey I’m already a Mam, I got this – Whilst also being super sleepy, breastfeeding and getting used to having two babes not one! I guess each time there’s always something new, it is parenthood … Lot’s of newness everyday.

Anyway, I had my first, first, (what a mouthful) with babs no.2 and it was new, different, cute and it was just us. Although you do have a very eager sister awaiting baby M, she’ll want you all to herself and I don’t mind that at all.

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