Mammy has a baby in her belly you know.

I love hearing Loralai tell everyone I have a baby in my belly and when she says ”I’m going to be a big sister” too.

 I just can’t wait to watch her grow and learn all the big sister things!

My first pregnancy was totally different to what I’m experiencing right now. This time around I have a toddler, I work funny hours, I didn’t really expect it to be the same anyway. I have had a few similar things like the nausea (ugh), massive boobies (ha) and wanting to eat chips a lot. I don’t really remember feeling as emotional though – as in I’m often on the edge of tears!

I have always been and will always be an emotional person, I love honesty, a good old cry or a talk, it doesn’t matter if I’m pregnant or not it’s just who I am. I tell everyone I love them all the time, and why not? Don’t get me wrong I definitely had all the feels last time. I was in love with my belly, my baby, I was a first time Mam, I was 23, lot’s of body changes, all this new baby info, learning to breastfeed and the rest! I do remember having the odd cry here and there but this time I have often felt really teary. Nothings happened, no one has upset me, I’m not sad about anything, I just feel teary.

It’s obviously pregnancy hormones, so I have embraced it.

Last night I watched One Born Every Minute, DIY SOS and then a film called Miss You Already. Of course I cried, I mean I would have even if I wasn’t a hormonal pregnant lady but this was me embracing my feelings and finding a way to release them … Guess what? I felt great.

Pregnancy is a crazy, beautiful thing, you’re growing a human – AMAZING! It does come with lovely things, it comes with crazy things, random things, scary things, you name it. I have a different outlook this time, I know a little, I’m not in the unknown (apart from I’m having an elective section this time, hello new worries) but I also have my super girl L. She makes me feel like the bee’s knee’s. There is also this amazing Mam community on social media which I’m new to but I love it, I get my occasional Mam/kid dates in, I just feel like a super teary, round, happy, kind of prepared Mam to be who is embracing a new chapter of teary emotional pregnancy happiness.

I LOVE IT. Come at me tears, I’m enjoying you.

Going to have another tiny human like you soon …

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