Ugh this blog is SO late. Being a Mam, working, being rather preggers, decorating, seeing other humans, life.

Yeah all that, anyway all these things can no longer be an excuse, WHY? Because my lovelies this is pretty much the only thing I do for me, it’s my hobby and I want to do it more. So tonight’s blog is special, I feel all Jazzy because I’ve updated a bunch of things on the website too. I’ve put up some new images, created a new page AND I’m blogging on my home page. Ah I feel so clever, I know this isn’t rocket science but damn it feels good.

And I gave up going to bed earlier, that’s PURE dedication people.

So let’s get to the pants situation, we all slept at my friends house the other day and when I came up to bed Loralai sat up, said “pants” then lay back down – all whilst sleeping. She is such a miniature me, I’m a sleep talker too. Some hospital staff said she looked like me and I had a Cheshire cat smile. ALL DAY.

As you can probably tell this blog is going to be all over the shop, lack of blogging, plus lot’s of brain things, equals crazy overloading blog sesh from me.

The best part of this blog is the fact that my not so little bump is a GIRL, ah!

My girl gang.

I can’t stop day dreaming of all the amazing things we are going to do, my girls, my two girls. Ah I’m just SUPER happy about it.

As is Loralai, you know, since she has been asking for a sister for around a year or so, maybe even longer. She actually said “Mammy, she can share my clothes”, something I feel won’t happen in their teenage years, Ha!

So yeah the newest addition will be, Marceline Murray. She’s already a babe.

Just to clarify … Yes I am a massive cartoon fan, yes I love Adventure Time and yes Marceline is the vampire queen AND yes that’s how we got her name!

Scans, baby stuff and birth talk is up next (next blog don’t worry) but for now look at THE proudest sister EVER, plus the ring leader of a new girl gang HA.

Tee and vest from Polkadot Printing –

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