Are you kidding me?

I feel like a whirlwind these days being a Mam, nearly 6 months pregnant, decorating the hell out of the house, working, life, you get the idea.

One thing or one human should I say who helps keep me sane is Loralai.

I always feel super good inside when she does anything, like literally anything, kids do that to you though. But her little quirks, her super loving nature and personality are what I love the most. I am literally just going to give you some of her one liners so you can appreciate ‘The Loralai show’ …

“Sally can you love me forever? Of course you can”.

(Whilst playing with Nightmare before Christmas Tsum Tsum’s)

“When you feel sad you get tablets”.

(Looking at a leaflet in the doctors, about prescriptions)

“Mammy this is the comfornate/comfornatator”.

(Showing me books in the doctors)

“Bnormous and Bassett”.

(Enormous and dessert)

“Mammy will the doctor cut your belly to get the baby out? With a knife? Will you have a bandage or a plaster? I’ll push your back ok Mam”?

(Talking about the baby, whilst I was reading her a story about robots)

“I love you Mammy, I am never letting you go”.

(She’s said this LOADS recently, utter babe)

So yeah kids brains, my L’s brain. I love it. Super funny, cute and loving, I really hope she keeps her quirks.

She’s also saying lot’s to baby Marceline, which I LOVE.

Finally, I really wish I could capture a picture of her face when she says this, so matter of fact …

“Are you kidding me”?

Just an old snap of us.

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