Is it the 6 weeks?

So it’s the summer holidays, the 6 week holidays.

My only real experience of this is from when I was younger, as a kid I remember shopping with my Mam, buying new school things, pencil case LOVE people. Haha. Then my teenage years, wanting sleep, late nights and never being in the house! This is my first real experience of it as a Mam, Loralai started nursery this year and is off during the summer because childcare is CRAZY expensive.

My thoughts …

Stressful – trying to take time off work, ask family to help out, not always having cash to do fun things, being pregnant and sleepy!

Fun – all the fun shizz, trips out, little moments, cuddles on the couch.

Tiring – it’s hard being back to no childcare, we’re kind of used to a routine, constant Mam, Mam, Mam and all that Jazz.

Love – who doesn’t love hanging with their kid? Chills, walks, going to pictures, having picnics, just making memories.

Basically it’s just a mixed bag isn’t it? It’s fun, hard, amazing, tiring, lush, ahh all the feels. Can’t lie though, I love it all.

I am pretty shocked that we are coming to the end of the third week though, in my mind 6 weeks just felt LONG, but it’s gone or is going quickly. Which makes me want to treasure the moments we do have before she’s back in nursery, she’ll be in 3 full days then too. Eeekk. It’s also some of our last chances of Mammy and Loralai days before the baby comes!

What’s your summer holiday thoughts?

I have to say my fave things from today are L in my glasses and her saying that Lady and the Tramp is actually called Doggy and Bessert. Awww.

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