Bits and Things.

Hhmm, so I have a brain full of cloud right now.

I get like this sometimes, I can’t quite fully concentrate on one thing, this is when my mad ‘I’ll re-organise EVERYTHING’ thing happens. I’ve actually done this since I was a teenager, maybe even younger than that, I’m not sure. But at the moment I have a toddler, I’m into my third trimester, I have a husband, work and a house to look after which leaves very little room to fit in a mad OCD frenzy. But here I am thinking about it, literally weeks after we’ve decorated the sitting room and our bedroom.

Hmm, anyway fast approaching is Loralai’s 4th birthday, her party and then we’re off to Disneyland! I am super, super excited, obvs. My mind does keep drifting towards Septembers payslip though, so I can treat myself to mainly needs but also a few wants.

So this time I know when baby M is coming, no waiting game, no overdue by 2 WHOLE weeks and it’s great, in so many ways, but it’s also got my mind counting down (13 weeks people) …

So here is my wants and needs list, just going to combine it because I want it all really, ha. But I don’t really need everything, do I?

New hair

My nails doing – This is so not me

New clothes for post baby – Breastfeeding friendly of course

Baby clothes

Cot and mosses basket sheets

Hospital bag

The ‘hospital lady essentials’  – Yeyyy

Some breastfeeding bra’s

A changing bag

More baby essentials – Nappies and things

Oh muslin squares – Total life savers

There’s definitely more, like bedtime attire. Maybe I need to make a proper list, like a good old paper/pen style one and stick it on the fridge? It’ll help my brain I think, 13 weeks is just so SOON.

Message here though people is …


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