Disney Love.

Disney. Disney. Oh Disney …

Hello people, what a super busy couple of weeks! So I now have a 4 year old, a 7 month baby bump and oh we went to Disneyland! Loralai’s birthday which included a super early wake up call from a very excited birthday girl, lot’s of presents, her Spiderman party, family coming over and then the final Disney packing! What a wonderful and super sleepy day!

I still can’t believe she’s 4. She’s 4 people.

We went to bed all happy and full of cake, ready for Disneyland the next day. So for the people who don’t know me we went last year in November, it was a family honeymoon once myself and Ricky got back from Mexico. I wanted Loralai to be in on the honeymoon times and we thought Disney would be great! To cut a very long story short I was really ill the whole time, I missed seeing Loralai enjoy and embrace all the magic. I literally spent every moment in the room, I never ate, I slept like never before and we even had to call out a doctor.

It literally SUCKED.

So we pretty much re-booked it straight away. We went and it was amazing, it was magical, I got on some rides, we could jump que’s (thanks baby bump), we met Mickey and we eat lot’s of food and ice cream.

It really was amazing.

It was hard too, I’m not going to lie. Being 7 months pregnant at Disneyland is hard but what I can tell you is that it was 100% worth it.

Just to see my Loralai’s face. Dreamy.

We made memories that will last a life time, it was also our last holiday as a 3 and when we left Loralai actually said …

”Bye Disney, see you next time with Marceline”.

Although this will be a few years down the line I am already SUPER excited about it! Having my girls, Rick AND go on any/all the rides because I still haven’t done that (being sick and pregnant kinda stops that).

 But yeah Disney rocked.

We are home now and on the 10 week countdown for Marceline’s arrival.

For now here is some of my FAVE Disney photos, MUCH love!

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