Mam, it’s half a moon.

We have been looking for the moon these past few weeks around early evening time. We hadn’t seen it BUT for the last week or so we have caught it in all it’s beautiful might. The first two times we spotted it Loralai noticed it was ‘half a moon’ the excitement of seeing the moon together has made us both SUPER happy. One night we even ran in the house to see who’s bedroom window showed the moon, it was L’s and it was just perfect.

I have really learnt to embrace moments recently, ones with Loralai more than anything else which makes me think it’s down to baby M coming soon. My moon story may seem like nothing to people but it really was magical for me, for Loralai too, you could see it in her eyes. We’ve had lot’s of moments lately we’ve been co-sleeping, snuggling watching Cartoon Network, having movie nights, eating Nando’s, having loads of Halloween fun, we’ve also been shopping and just chilling. Pretty normal things actually I just think there’s more emphasis on them with it being just us two or three in these final days before Marceline comes. Eek.

I feel like this is another boasting parent blog but I don’t care because she’s my kid, she’s just amazing.

The other day she told us that she was marrying Skeletie (our Halloween skeleton) and when her Dad said something about it she came out with the most beautiful thing …

“Skeletie’s bones are white, just like yours Daddy, we are all the same, it means everyone is the same”.


Lot’s of people keep asking me how I think she’ll be when the baby comes. My answer is always the same, I know she is going to be an awesome big sister and I’ll tell you why. She is really loving, kind, caring, attentive, funny, she’s just got this beautiful soul. I’m not stupid though, I know she will have to adjust to the changes, just like we will. It’s one of the reasons why I’m choosing to hold off on visitors for a few days, I want us all to enjoy, embrace, learn and get used to a new baby being around. There’s always going to be moments when they both need me at the same time or ones crying and the other is doing something else and I can’t split myself in two BUT as long as there’s love there that’s what matters to me. Loralai is so loving and has talked loads about all the things she wants to teach her baby sister, I love that we have another year before she starts school so she can bond with Marceline, it means the world to me.

I have so many scribbles ready to blog but right now I am taking note of my body, my very pregnant body, so I do have more to natter about but I plan to space them out, give myself some me time before the beautiful madness starts.

For now here is some snaps of my girl and her Dad.


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