Est. 2017

This blog is reminding me of my first ever one, Est. 2013 which I only wrote in February this year. I talked about becoming a Mam to Loralai and what I wanted 2Mermaidz to become.

Here I am only a mere 10 months down the line with all my 2017 goals changed. MASSIVELY.

Little did I know by the end of this year I’d have another little girl to cherish and LOVE forever. I can really say this is the happiest I’ve ever been, I have my little GRL gang, what more could I want?

Having Loralai really taught me a lot, it wasn’t just the learning about becoming a Mam but all the new things about myself, her, changing relationships, loosing friends, breastfeeding, rediscovering me, my body, lot’s of things. Quoting my old post about Loralai ”making me, me” I still stand by it but I now see that time as the beginning of being confident and comfortable with who I am.  I have grown massively since then in so many aspects. What has Marceline done for me? She’s given me the assurance that I am who I am and I love it.

I love her, Loralai, my body, my boobs, my belief in myself as a Mam, a woman, a wife.

I am confident.

My pregnancies and labours with the girls were SO different and having both experiences has really healed me. They’ve made me grow, I feel so different. I’ll blog their birth stories one day, it’s on my blog list!

With Loralai it really was a whole newness, learning each day but guess what? It’s newness again, I’m learning everyday still and yes it’s different because I have experience this time. I don’t know everything but I have a new confidence that I didn’t have before, these two babes of mine really have helped me be comfortable in my own skin, be me, I just love being their Mam.

And for 2Mermaidz? Well it’s already grown from a little blog into a space for me to talk about life, my girls and things we love. My 2017 goals? Some I’ve forgot, others I want to take into 2018 with me. I have a few projects I want to start up, things I really feel passionate and good about. I’ll be mainly embracing my maternity, enjoying breastfeeding, Marceline’s new born times, falling in love with Loralai’s maturity and strength but DO watch this space.

And keeping in with traditions, here is your diary Marcy.

Full of notes and love, just like Loralai’s.

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