Girls weekend.

Hello weekend, Saturyey and all that.

So the husband is away in Manchester and I’m having my first weekend alone with my girls. Typically Marceline had a ‘boob a thon’ last night so I’m SUPER sleepy but who can stay tired when Loralai comes in with THAT smile.

 Ah the feels.

I’m writing this from my bed, boobs out, Marceline to my right fast asleep. I don’t dare move because she knows, she just knows and she WILL wake up if I move. Loralai’s on my bedroom floor playing with Barbie dolls, best line I’ve heard so far is …

“Are you ok saving the world?”

Between the Daddy and daughter Barbie’s. I’ve heard lots of Mam talk from her and I know there’s a cat named Ginger, a teacher called Miss Bellum and ”your getting married” keeps getting thrown about too. I love that she’s called the teacher that, that’s Powerpuff Girls love right there. I love watching her play, it’s one of my favourite things.

So far so good? I think? No breakfast for me yet (it’s nearly lunch time) BUT both girls are fed and that’s what matters haha. I plan on letting Marceline sleep as long as I can while L plays, we’re doing chilled this morning. I’ve got Girls Night planned which includes a pretty similar set up to right now. Bed, movies, sweets and popcorn! Oh and boobie feeds, snuggles and PJ’s too.


So 11 weeks in and Marceline is being her beautiful baby self while Loralai is still being the dreamboat girl of dreams. She’s still being patient, loving, kind, supportive, helpful – BABE. I had a day with them both this week and Marceline just boobed the WHOLE day and Loralai didn’t complain once. The next day I took them both out shopping so I could treat L, she got some right bargains in H&M Kids, she picked everything too. I can’t wait to share some snaps! She just really deserved a treat, she’s taken to the big sister transition well.

Anyway Marceline is still asleep, my boob’s are still out, I still haven’t moved and L is still playing Barbie’s.

I’m going to finish up this blog to enjoy watching my baby sleep and my babe play.

You ain’t never met a Mama like me …

Because I host the best Girls Night!

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