All of the cake.

I met Cleo years ago at a festival, we ended up chatting because of our love of tattoo’s. We hung out, raved, giggled and after a party filled weekend we stayed in touch, fast forward a good few years and Cleo very kindly popped up north to see me.

I know Cleo loves cake so I sent her drool worthy pictures of cakes and milkshakes alongside some other things we could do while she was visiting. When Cleo and Hendrix arrived I was super happy to catch up and hang out, they also brought the sunshine! We never have nice weather in Newcastle, it’s always freezing. After a mini catch up, some boobie feeds for the babes, I purposely walked Cleo the long way around to the bus stop just to show her this SUPER dreamy house near me, we share a love of homes and interiors so I knew she wouldn’t mind the extra 5 mins or so. We’ve been trying to work out if we’ve seen it on TV or not. Anyway it’s a beautiful modern style church conversion, dreams!

The sun was still shining when we arrived in town, we walked to monument and a guy was playing dance music and playing his guitar. Me and Cleo just started dancing, not a care in the world! Our Mam moves where top notch, which at some point will embarrass our children, haha! But we laughed about being old ravers turned into Mama’s while our kids smiled and strangers stared. I took Cleo all the way down the Quayside only to be totally gutted that the cake shop was closed, the door was open but the lady told us they were shut.

GUTTED, more for Cleo really as I’d promised her good cake.

We had a huge walk back, our bums and legs got a serious work out! But that just meant we could eat more cake right? I showed her around the market and some food places so we could choose a new place to eat. Not sure what was going on but things were closing so we headed into the shopping centre. I’ve been wanting to try this new crêpe place out for AGES and once we checked out the menu we had to go in. We both had breakfast crêpes and a sweet one for after with a milkshake on the side, it was soooo good, I’ve got to take Loralai. We chatted into late afternoon until Marceline done her first ever ‘poop up the back’ incident, we couldn’t stop laughing because I had literally just said she had never had an accident yet. We spent ages giggling in the changing room because honestly this is Motherhood, and I was so happy to be sharing this moment with another Mam by my side.

We then took advantage of the late hour shopping in Fenwicks, TKMaxx and Tiger. Cleo finally got her cake fix in Fenwicks, pics to follow, alongside some nice home treats in TKMaxx where we both kept getting electric shocks every time we touched anything. We blinked and it was dark outside so we headed up to the bus station, we just missed a bus so we spent some time in John Lewis day dreaming at all their furnishings. One day, one day!

We both breastfed on the bus on the way back to mine, another lovely Mama moment, it takes the edge off when you’re not alone doesn’t it?

We spent the evening talking, laughing, feeding and snuggling our babes, we stayed up till after midnight and I can’t remember the last time I did that, aside to the boobie feeds! It was really nice, good for my soul. I felt human.

The next day we had a chilled out morning then we both said our goodbye’s, Cleo made a pit stop at The Angel of the North. You can’t come to Newcastle and miss seeing that, it really is beautiful when you are stood beside it.

I honestly took very little snaps, hardly picked up my phone, we just really enjoyed each others company, and the babes of course.

Selfie’s and dancing near monument.

My lovely crêpes and Oreo shake.

The incident …

Shopping and cakes.

Cleo at The Angel of the North.

One very happy Loralai with her Bunny from Cleo, she was with her Nanna when Cleo and Hendrix came.

Pictures are a mix of mine and Cleo’s!

Thanks for the hang times, until next time …


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