Goodbye Little L

I’ve decided to blog this whole school experience over two posts, my emotions are a lot less (WHHAAA) now so I feel like its a good time to share. I figured I would talk all things leading up to school, leaving nursery and our final GRL GANG hangs … Ok so that’s a little over exaggerated, but it did feel pretty final, at times, like all the time … Ok I’m just an emotional Mam wreck.

I best get down to it, this year Loralai spent her summer in nursery, which meant she didn’t really have the ‘six weeks’ she got to spend three days a week with her lovely nursery friends and the staff. She had the best of both really as she also had time at home, lots of girl hangs and days out too. I think it also helped with the school transition, she didn’t have six long weeks to wait, she just had nursery one week and then it was school the next.

Oh and turning five right in the middle of it all, WHY all at once? Why!

So yeah, nursery. Loralai started when she was three and she loved it from the get go, she was very keen to start and we have some amazing memories and a HUGE box full of creations, photo’s and keepsakes. Loralai’s nursery was such a key part of her young life and I still don’t think its quite hit home (for us both) that she isn’t ever going back. Like, ever. I can remember her first ‘settling in’ session, I blogged about it actually!

Look at this snap of us, her first EVER time hanging out at nursery.

It really doesn’t feel like that long ago, and it feels like she’s always been in nursery at the same time. I can’t believe that little three year old girl is now five and in school, MY HEART THROBS.

We had a huge summer, lot’s of life changing things which have probably added to the emotional roller-coaster I’ve been on. We put our house up for rent – we haven’t moved for such a long time and although I’ve always wanted to move out since I moved in with Ricky (true story, ha) I got really sad when it all started to happen. I had my children in that house, we got married, I wasn’t far off 22 when I moved in with Ricky and I think the emotional attachment to the house began to come out, something I really wasn’t expecting. Then add in school, Ricky going on tour, my return to work and lots of worry about future breastfeeding times with Marceline. It was a lot to feel all at once.

Basically, all the feels and ALL the stresses.

I was very, very happy that we were able to rent our house out and move into our new house (blog post coming) all before Loralai started school. That was a huge anxiety for me, I really wanted to be in the new place before the next few big chapters in our lives. She had about five or six weeks roughly at nursery whilst living in the new house and its really given us all the time to settle as a family, and unpack … Oh the unpacking.

Loralai had a nursery graduation a few weeks before she left, that hurt my eyes, my face, my chest, my heart … Haha.

Here’s a few snaps of her being the coolest.

She was full of smiles, singing songs and at the end we all got cuppa’s and cake.

She told everyone she wanted to be a teacher when she grows up, that’s changed now of course!

Then came her last ever day.

She was full of smiles, took to it like a champ. No tears or sadness, she’s been braver than me! I kissed the staff and gave them all a huge long hug, I shocked myself that I didn’t cry!

And this was her final bits, the last of the arts and crafts. The notes on her journey and learning, I’ve read some and I think that’s when it sunk in a little. I’ve planned some time in my head, I’m thinking a hot cup of tea and some biscuits so I can have a good read through, undisturbed.

It just doesn’t feel like the end, I keep thinking oh she’ll she Karen and Zoe next week but then I quickly realise she’s not my Little L anymore, she’s making new friends and memories somewhere else now. But a recent group on Facebook has been made and the parents of the nursery kids are planning a soft play date, and we couldn’t be happier!

Loralai started school on a Tuesday, after a weekend of birthday madness (how is she 5?) and I just had to take her out, treat her, just BE with her. We had so much fun, we eat pizza, got some new toys, had a whole day out and then we prepared all her uniform together, ahh.

Just seeing it all lay out made it feel real, up to this point I hadn’t shed any tears, but I knew they were coming.

I’m ending part one with some pictures of our day out, I’ll share part two next week with the run down of the craziest school week ever!

I’m already yearning for the school holidays, yes I am that Mam who just wants hang times 24/7.

My two girls are my whole world!

Goodbye my Little L.

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