This is Halloween!


I can still say that even though it’s November right … ?

I was hoping to share this on Halloween but some teeth (her first two, yey) from little Marceline decided to make an appearance, steal all the sleep and so I’m a week behind with sharing – the cuddles are worth it though.

I just had to blog about Halloween, it’s THE BEST holiday of the year – no questions asked! This year I’ve made much more of an effort with the house decorations, it’s been SO MUCH FUN.

I thought I would start by looking back at some Halloween’s with Loralai …

A nearly 2 month old Loralai (2013)

Pumpkin L (2014)

Mama Cat and Mini Witch (2015)

Oh I’m a cat again, haha totally didn’t realise until right now! Little skeleton Loralai and my beautiful baby M bump (2017)

As you can see I’ve missed out 2016, we’d just been married and on Halloween we flew to Mexico for our honeymoon.

I blogged last year about Halloween, twice if I remember rightly. Sharing what we had done, our costumes and Loralai’s experiences. It’s really been fun to look back at snaps for this post, lots of AWWW’s from me at the baby pictures of Loralai!

Still can’t believe she is 5 now!

So, Halloween 2018.

I upped my game with the decor this year and I am aiming to build up our decorations each year, kind of like what everyone does for Christmas. I’ll share some pictures with you of our home later in the post. We had so many plans this year with a bunch of them not happening (BOO) no pun intended. But I have decided that next year I want us to host a party! I’d love to make some traditions too, let me know if you have any in the comments.

We’ve had SO many treats this year, we have literally spent all of October dedicated to Halloween. Halloween doughnuts, sweets, pumpkin carving and painting. Spooky sticker books and Loralai’s first Halloween school disco! On Halloween, Loralai was in school and I took Marceline shopping – nothing spooky about that BUT as soon as she got home she dressed up, I did her face paint and changed M into a matching skeleton babygrow. We did a small Trick or Treat and then hung out with a friend. Loralai stuffed her face with Casper marshmallows, cutie!

Here’s a few snaps of our little Halloween at home.

My Skeletons.

Coolest babes and a pumpkin.

A scary L …


A few more snaps of our treats and pumpkin carvings.

Lidl was a great go to for us this year, the Halloween doughnuts in the pictures were beautiful. We bought the activity book, I got L some costume bits, M has some cute spooky baby vests and this little grave yard set up was SO much fun too.

Most of our decorations from last year came from Wilkinsons, this year Ricky went wild and bought loads in Asda. I took SO many pictures of them all but I’ve tried to condense them down … I said tried.

I even decorated the girls bedrooms and the landing but we would literally be here all day with snaps. So last few, promise!

Check out how creepy it looked walking to our house …

Last but not least!! I didn’t take any photos at Loralai’s school disco, IT WAS MANIC. My first ever school disco with her, it was fun but so, so busy! Marceline loved it and danced just as much as L. I did manage to snap a picture once we got home, how cute please?

I am so sad it’s come to an end, but that only means one thing …


SUPER quick edit – I can’t miss out that we reached 11 months of boobie feeds just before Halloween, those fingers on the pumpkin though, the nipple twist is real. If you know, you know!

Milestone cards from Milk Making Mama.

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