All the fun with some tantrum’s.

I’m always on the look out for things to do with the littles. Aside to the local baby group crafty sessions and all the messy stuff at home I’ve never really done anything arty with Loralai. When I saw the opportunity for a blogger to attend the new Katie’s Garden #sundaysessions I just had to put myself forward!

I was very kindly gifted a spot for myself and Loralai to attend a Mandrake session, and I can honestly say it was SO much better than I even imagined. I mean, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was excited, as was L! I showed her a picture from Katie’s Garden on Facebook the night before so she could get a little idea of what I meant. She got really giggly and went straight off to sleep, what a great bribery trick for bedtime haha.

Our morning was very eventful with tantrums, tears and upset from Loralai – this was before we even left the house! I was so glad we managed to get a taxi or we would have been so late. Loralai hasn’t had a drama about her clothes in a really long time, I thought we were passed it all but it seems to have crept back in. I always like to keep things honest with you all, I was feeling very stressed on route!

Kisses and hugs always make things better though.

Loralai was full of smiles in the taxi, it was great to see the Stack Newcastle’s space being used so creatively! And what a fab way to attract families into town, doing some fab activities and then having a cuppa or bite to eat. Of course we visited Coffee Yolo, it’s Loralai’s FAVE. She loves their unicorn milk!

Look at that sparkle – @coffeeyolo

But let’s get down to the fun stuff! The Mandrake making, any Harry Potter fan’s here? Loralai has only recently watched one of the movies with her Dad so she didn’t really know that the two were related but it didn’t matter. You could go there without seeing the film because the workshop is so engaging, fun and magical!

Check out the cutest snaps of Loralai crafting, making her Mandrake!

Making the Mandrake’s body.
Getting potted!
Even from this point the Mandrake was SUPER cute.
Loralai decided she would name her Mandrake – Devil, it made us all laugh anyway!
Adding in some final touches.
Hello Devil.
Proud as punch.

Everything Loralai used was provided by Katie’s Garden, the staff were extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful. They were full of smiles and checked in with us regularly – to see if we needed some help. Loralai got some inspiration from one of the girls actually. She had a witches hat on so L decided her Mandrake was a girl witch called Devil – but she was a good witch! One of my favourite things was the music playing in the background, it really added to the atmosphere and excitement!

All the smiles and ready to wash up.
I loved the decor, such a fab idea and added to the magic of it all.

I would like to thank all the girls for having us, Loralai had the best time and it was so lovely to try something new. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning with my little. I highly recommend any of my North East readers to give the workshops a try! If you are local to Sunderland Katie’s Garden offer #saturdaysessions at the
Beacon of light, local Newcastle Mama’s the #sundaysessions are held at the Stack. You can check out all the up coming workshops on their Facebook …

I will definitely be taking L back, she’s talked about it non stop and I had just as much fun as she did. A recommended family fun day from us, they have some Easter activities coming up soon, make sure to book up as the spaces go quickly. And I’m sure you’ll all like to know that Devil is happily living on our hallway windowsill!

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