She’s on her way home, YEY!

Halloween snap from 2018, I had to use it because this is what my face has been like since she left. Ha.

I tried to post this blog on Monday but WordPress had other plans, I had issues uploading my photo’s and you know what? I’m kind of happy that it happened. Instead of blogging 24 hours after she left, I’m now sharing it on the day she’s due home! Que a title change, new paragraph and edits.

It’s been over 24 hours (1 whole week now) since I last seen my beautiful L. As you’ll all know because I haven’t shut up about it, she’s currently in Spain with her Nana Julie. Amazing – for her, 24/7 fun and people fussing over her. All the tasty food and ice cream galore! But what about Mama, and even my little M. What will we do without her?


I’ve kept myself busy today. I’ve been with a friend and we did some holiday shopping together, so that’s helped me massively. Bedtime was a breeze tonight, me and Ricky solo parent during the week and bedtimes can be, fun shall we say. It’s like I’ve gone back to parenting with one little, it is so much easier isn’t it? I’m so used to chasing the girls around, doing baths and story time.

Chilling in a coffee shop during our shopping trip, I can’t deal with how CUTE this snap is!

Marceline cuddled me last night, all night. It was like she knew I needed the snuggles. She kept rubbing my arm in her sleep and it was so comforting. I know it probably seems like I am being dramatic, but I know that I’m not. I just bloody love my kid and it’s the first time she’s been away from us properly. She often sleeps out but this is SO different.


Loralai rang this morning and said she’s already missing me, SUPER CUTE. But I know she’ll be too busy to be thinking about us. I’ve seen ALL the snaps from today and honestly it looks like she is having a blast!

Beach BABE.
In the sea with the girls.

The rest of the week …

Loralai has had THE best time, literally living her best life. I have so many photo’s but I’ll just share a few, promise! I’ve spoken to her pretty much daily, I’ve had to fit into her diary – she literally hasn’t stopped. She joined the kids club, went to all the kids disco’s, visited the beach and had a day out shopping in the village. She’s had loads of lush food with ALL the ice cream, obvs! She even found a rock bar and my Mam kept sending me video’s of her dancing and head banging – then raving! Can this girl be any cooler please?

Off to the pool.
Those flip flops though, I can’t wait to see what she’s bought!
Playing golf.

If you want to see more holiday snaps I’ve created a highlight on Instagram, it’s really helped me while she’s been away. Just seeing her face and how much fun she’s had. We managed a few video chats too – LUSH.

It’s been odd at home, very quiet. Marceline has been extremely clingy – she is teething and going through a developmental milestone but I can see that she misses her. The first time we video called Loralai, Marceline actually cried and wouldn’t really talk. It broke my heart. She much prefers talking on the phone so we’ve stuck with that. The first day or two I felt all over the place, I had work Tuesday and Wednesday and I found myself saying the wrong words, getting mixed up or dropping things. Which is so unlike me!

I’ve been cleaning and organising like mad. I’ve sorted out her room as a little surprise, I mean she isn’t going to be bothered about how clean it is, what kid cares about that? But I’ve done lot’s of little things that I know she’ll like. I’ve made it easier for her to get out some of the bigger toys and I’ve put some new things up on her wall. I’ve spent a lot of time in her room actually, playing with Marceline and pottering about.

I’ve missed her. Like really missed her. I was sad when she left but as time went on my heart ached. Even with all the photos and phone calls. I miss my baby! She will be home late tonight and I honestly can’t wait to hug her and hear all about her week. I’m so glad she’s had the opportunity to have a holiday though, the experience’s and fun with some of the family, they’ll be cherished memories. But we are SO ready for her to be home, changing her outfit a thousand times a day, eating all the apples in the fridge and demanding Hotel Transylvania 3 on the TV – I wouldn’t want her any other way!

Airport smiles last Sunday.

And a big thank you – to all of you who checked in on me, asking if I was ok. You ladies ROCK.

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