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Information + Contact Details For #titsandtearz

#titsandtearz is a space I have created for women to connect, talk, encourage, share real experiences and more on breastfeeding.

On the website you can head to the #titsandtearz page to read all the amazing, different and unique breastfeeding stories. A new story is posted most Friday’s.

You can follow along on Instagram too, just search the hashtag. There’s a wonderful community of women talking all things boob!

Breastfeeding? Thinking about it? Tried it, stopped? Feeding for a few days, months, years? Expressing, combine feeding, donating, tandem feeding …


Please get in touch if you’d like feature, I’d love to hear from you!

Normalising Breastfeeding.

AMAZE art work from Taynee Tinsley.

Breastfeeding Support + Advice

Need some help Mama’s?
Here are some supportive links and people you can talk to about breastfeeding, advice and more.

Little Peach London

First Latch

La Leche League GB

NHS/Start 4 Life

Breastfeeding Aversion

Nat The Natural Mom

2Mermaidz – #titsandtearz

Breastfeeding Magazine

Normalize Breastfeeding Official

Normalize Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Mams Newcastle
(For my local Mama’s)