Jokerz Get Left Behind


Supporting small businesses is one of my FAVE things to do, more so when there’s a message behind what they do. Bec from Jokerz Get Left Behind runs a small shop with her own take on anti – bulling. She is the woman behind – be cool, be kind.


In the shop you’ll find hand pored crayons – UNREAL, tee’s, tattoo’s and my ultimate FAVE – pins! Amongst a bunch of other amazing creations. If you haven’t already seen Jokerz Get Left Behind please go follow along and show your support! Bec also donates money to Young Minds UK – £260 so far! 

Can this woman be any cooler??

Here are some cool little humans rocking their Jokerz merch, so you can get a feel for the shop.


And that isn’t even the start, Jokerz has so much to offer. It’s such a cool, alternative shop and I’m getting all the tattoo vibes. So if you’re like me and love things that are a little different for your littles, Jokerz is the place to be!

I am desperate to get Loralai some of the crayons but I think I am more excited about the new pin drop!! You all know I love my pins, and I can’t wait to add these to my collection. 


How COOL? And with a message! I just think they are amazing. While we are talking pins, I have some exciting news. We have decided to come together for a giveaway! But you’ll need to head over to our Instagram feeds to enter.

You can win BOTH pins!

So if you are looking for some alternative gift idea’s – I deffo recommend the crayons and tattoo’s or a treat for your little head over to Bec’s shop. You won’t just be supporting a small shop, you’ll be getting a message out there and supporting charity too – what’s not to love?

Links to the shop + social media’s


Tattered Thread

Follow Natalie on Instagram – @tattered_thread

I’m so happy to be blogging back in this space! When I updated the website I made a few changes and one of the pages I wanted to show more love to was shopping small. I did have a lot of content on this page, I archived it all just in case I want to use any of it later but to be honest I want this space to show the things I REALLY love. Whether that is things I have found, bought or been gifted. I only want to share the things I want to share. This probably isn’t making to much sense, especially if you are new to the blog. What I’m trying to say is, I want this space to be better than it was before. And what better place to start than with Tattered Thread?

I did actually have a blog post about Natalie and her amazing embroidery page, it was a little while ago and since then her creations have only got better and better. I have ALL the snaps to share with you!

This is one of my FAVES.

So can we take a moment to appreciate this thing of beauty?

Natalie is the super creative behind this new embroidery mix up of modern day style with some tattoo inspiration. Her work is vibrant, full of detail, screams cool and is of course – right up my street! You can see the tattoo theme in her work, which I absolutely love. I love the mix up of her art work with the flowers, and those super pretty jewels too.

Natalie is on Instagram – you can find all her AMAZING work here …

And look at this beauty, a lovely surprise for me opening my shop!
Look at the detail, BEAUTIFUL.

I have been working with Natalie over the last few months, she is one very talented lady! She is a mega creative and can turn her hand to SO much.

Check out some of her new pieces, ALL the heart eyes!

So, so pretty!

Natalie recently made my girls a piece each, another little surprise I wasn’t expecting! I love the colours, detail and the flowers LOVE.

It fits so well with Loralai’s bedroom!
Look at the flowers and those beads – beauts.
How cool do they look?

Go show her some LOVE, she is the sweetest most beautiful human who I look forward to working with even more in the future!

Get in touch for all your embroidery needs, they are such a cool and personal gift idea too. I have a few ideas I want to send her, my house will be full of all the prettiness! So much LOVE for Natalie.