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Streetwise Young People’s Project

– Project M –

Youthwise a group of young people who meet weekly at Streetwise Young People’s Project have just launched Project M, which will support local young people with free sanitary products. Applying for funding for the initial set up of Project M, Youthwise have worked hard with support from Streetwise staff to get ready for not only the launch but a hopeful constant project to ensure young women in the North East have access to sanitary products.

Let’s talk the launch!

The room was full with people busy chatting, completing quizzes, eating food and I can’t forget the glitter tattoo’s.

I had to get one, obviously.

The cakes where so tasty, I loved the Project M toppers!

Later the young people spoke about Project M, they had a great presentation full of information – from start to finish. They also shared Streetwise’s newest video which uses humour to highlight period poverty.

The young people have also created a leaflet full of information on periods, young women accessing the project can get a card (M Card) and then take sanitary products of their choice.

Streetwise are taking donations, please spread the word!

You can follow Streetwise on Instagram to see updates on project M and all the other amazing charity work they do in the North East.


Some period poverty facts …

1 in 10 girls aged 14 to 21 can’t afford menstrual products

Half of all schoolgirls miss a full day of school because of their period

68,000 women in the UK are currently homeless

Schoolgirls in Leeds were using socks instead of sanitary towels

Labour MPs have pledged to set aside £10 million to end period poverty

Scotland was the first country in the world to give free tampons for low-income families

The average UK woman will spend more than £18,000 on periods over her lifetime

7 facts about period poverty in the UK

Ways to tackle period poverty …

Donate to relevant organisations

Buy extra when you’re shopping – and donate them to a food bank

Use social media – #endperiodpoverty 

Host brunch – #bloodybigbrunch

Educate the next generation

Sign petitions

Write to your MP


The Stand Comedy Club

 – Charity night in aid of Rape Crisis –

If you haven’t been to The Stand, go! This week, thanks to Aaron from In Newcastle I was lucky enough to attend a gig in town. I’ve been to The Stand in Edinburgh and Newcastle a few times and I’ve never been disappointed. This was the second charity comedy night that I’ve been to, what a genius way to raise money and awareness.

The gig was in aid of Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland with a line up of male comedians, on International Men’s day!

So let’s start from the top.

Tickets, sorted.

Got there early to pick good seats!

Time to check the menu … 

At the moment I am using my Monday nights as social time, me time – once I’ve finished work. I’m starting to get a little Sarah time back, it’s so IMPORTANT for us Mama’s to have a break and I am really enjoying it! When the opportunity with In Newcastle came up and I seen that it was on a Monday night AND that it was for charity, I knew I had to go.

Out came the WINE, my first alcoholic drink since before I fell pregnant. It was coming up to 2 years – of no alcohol! But it was a good way to rip off the bandaid as they say, I’ve got my work Christmas night out in 10 days and I was feeling a bit anxious about it. I chatted to some breastfeeding Mama’s for advice, which I followed and it’s given me another little piece of freedom (thanks ladies), man I’ve missed red wine!

We ordered pulled pork BBQ burgers, they came with a spicy slaw. SO, so tasty and I was starving so it didn’t last 2 minutes. A meal I’d recommend!

We timed it very well, around 10 minutes after eating the show began. Compared by Lou Conran (who is HILARIOUS) she had my face hurting, tears streaming with constant laugh out loud moments. She really made the night!

The comedians – Hal Branson, Lee Kyle, Matt Reed and Dane Baptiste. 

Hal was a good warm up, he had the right amount of laughs with his sound North East knowledge, he give us locals a good giggle. I have seen Lee at The Stand before and I was happy to hear his stories of playing gigs to zero people while he drank his white wine, he made jokes about his family and sang a little song about the alphabet – it was so GOOD. Matt was the BEST in my opinion, from the moment he stepped out until his set ended I just couldn’t breathe for laughing. I’d go and see him again! Dane ended the night, he managed to tie Rape Crisis into his set which I hadn’t seen all night, props to him!

All in all, a bunch of laughs, some good food and wine, hangs with a friend and fundraising. Win, win.

Mondays are the new Fridays!

Rape Crisis had their pop up banners, some leaflets and staff you could talk to. Charity buckets, you could buy merch and take part in their #wishisaid campaign. This year, Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland is 40 years old and they have been fundraising all year, this comedy night was one of their fundraisers.

You can check out my #wishisaid photo on Instagram.

Review on behalf of In Newcastle –

App Happy

SO many opinions and things to say about phones, apps, screen time, YouTube …

I used to give Loralai YouTube when she was younger, it was great for nursery songs and little Halloween cartoons, keeping her awake in the car so she didn’t danger nap! But I then realised how easy it was for her to click onto something else, stuff she shouldn’t be watching or just really random, odd, things which I’m sure you’ve all come across too.

We totally cut out YouTube, she wasn’t too happy but she quite quickly forgot about it. As a family we love cartoons and films so we figured Loralai could watch Netflix kids as a replacement. Those lazy days, slow mornings or a chance for 5 minutes so I can get dressed!

I’d never really considered games or apps for her until Ricky had downloaded some educational ones a little while back. Recently myself and Loralai have been lucky enough to try out KidloLand and Read with phonics and I wanted to share our thoughts …

As you can see, no words needed for how Loralai feels!


– KidloLand –

(Screen shot from my phone)

KidloLand was the first ever app I have used for Loralai, the first one we have tried together. Loralai was crazy excited to try it out and I was very curious to see what they had to offer. KidloLand and their Maths Games are not only pleasing from their artwork and bright colours but also the amount of variety and choice they have to offer, and it was really easy to use.

Loralai enjoyed the songs, games and also counting.

(Screen shot from my phone)

You start off by choosing the correct age category, it’s also really safe with regards to kids/payments – They make sure you are an adult by asking questions!

I’ve added in a few more screen shots so you can get a feel for what KidloLand is like, as a parent I am happy for Loralai to have access to an app like this. It’s fun, easy for her to use and it’s got lots of educational qualities too. I would recommended it, definitely.

I’ll include some links for you all below.

 Math Games: Kindergarten Math Games For Kids



KidloLand:  Nursery Rhymes, Games for Kids



– Read with phonics –  

(Screen shot from my phone)

What perfect timing to try out this app, Loralai started school a few weeks back and each week she’s had a new book to read, words in her pencil case to learn and sound out. I’m really enjoying (and crazy proud) watching her learn to read, it’s a really exciting time. She’s always loved books so I’m excited to see her on this journey.

When I told Loralai I had a new app for her to try out she was ecstatic, I had it on my phone for a few days and she kept asking to have a go but I really wanted to be able to sit down with her while she used it. She is really keen to learn and as soon as she was gaining points and passing a letter she kept screaming!

Passing on to another phase was also really exciting to her …

(Screen shot from my phone)

An easy app to use, a very exciting game/educational tool for reading and sounding out words; Loralai has asked numerous times to play on it. I can honestly say watching her sound out, say and drag words to the right pictures has made me emotional and proud … Happy emotions of course. She’s just so grown up!

A highly recommended app (from us both) for helping with learning to read and homework. Big thumbs up, the little green man is the CUTEST too.

Check out the link below to check out all they have to offer!

Happy Mam and a VERY happy Loralai.

For the LOVE of pins

Tonight see’s the drop of Baby Dee and Me‘sVERY FIRST PIN and I’ve been SO excited because I’ve had the pin, for a whole week. It’s stayed firmly on my new fave jacket and I’ve been snapping pics, and posing, ha.

First things first let me show you the coolest pin …

 You can also get the pin in black, it looks so good. The white is my fave though and I was super happy when Steff sent one to me, when she originally spoke about the pin I literally couldn’t wait. I am such a nerd for pins. When I saw the first few photos I knew I wanted one straight away, I then chatted to Steff about me doing a blog and potentially being involved in a giveaway.

So hello pin, hello blog and check out this UNREAL giveaway that also dropped tonight.

Here’s a little close up of all the other pins you can win.

Black and Beech

The Other Mum’s

Dragons and Daisies

Alphabet Bags

Rock a Babies

Surviving Society Clothing

Milk Making Mama

And of course you can win the F*ck a Decaf pin which I’m about to show you in some Mama selfie style, haha.

Head over to Instagram to get in on the giveaway and make sure to show some LOVE to Steff for stepping into the pin game!

Always drinking those cuppa’s strong, what a pin!

Huge shout out to the other brands too, I’m gutted I can’t enter this giveaway there’s some badass pins right there. The reason I choose to write this blog in ‘stuff we LOVE’ is because I’m all about the support. It’s small brands supporting another small brand, I even found out about some accounts I wasn’t following thanks to this giveaway.

Not forgetting the fact that I bloody LOVE pins, if you didn’t know already …

The LIFE project – Baby Dee and Me

Tonight see’s the AMAZE Steff from Baby Dee and Me launch her newest project which was born from her trip to The Gambia for her honeymoon. Steff has worked so hard on this and I’ve been so excited listening to all her plans pre-launch.

So what is the LIFE project?

In her own words…

Following our honeymoon in The Gambia last year and our trips within the local communities there including a school visit, we were inspired to use our brand to create something and try to do more. Once back in the UK we kept in touch with the head teacher at the school and discussed how we would like to help.

The Baby Dee and Me LIFE project was born. We wanted to keep our first tee design simple and representative of the beautiful, colourful Gambia so we decided to move away from our usual monochrome style and include some colours … Red, blue and green just like the Gambian flag. On our return trip to The Gambia we brought gifts of our LIFE tees as well as some much needed exercise books/pens/pencils for the school and we met with the five children who’s education we are now sponsoring.

Our goal with the LIFE project is to raise enough funds this year to sponsor a sixth child’s education and we will be donating the proceeds from the sale of each LIFE tee (a minimum of £5) to the project.

Soon Steff will be setting up a Facebook group where she will include more photos and all the information and updates on the project.

You can buy a tee here …

Make sure to get involved – share the project, buy a tee, lets help these children get the best education they can!

Hats off to Steff for all her hard work, follow the project on Instagram here …

Here’s a few snaps of Loralai in her new LIFE tee.

The last picture is her doing a heart for the children.

Here’s a few snaps of the beautiful little Lacie in her red LIFE tee.

She is the coolest …

You can follow Kez, Lacie and her big sisters here …

The Other Mum’s

I love finding Mama merch, especially when I can see myself wearing it. I really enjoy shopping small and it’s even better when it’s supporting other women. Recently I came across and have taken a HUGE loving to The Other Mum’s.

Mary Jane is the amazing human behind The Other Mum’s Club and if you didn’t catch my blog about her pins go check it out, and then shop her collection because it’s SO good. She has created the most beautiful black and gold pins and is now making tee’s, YEY!

They all look amazing, snaps to follow people. So far I’ve seen, growing the pride, witches unite, you ain’t never met a Mama like me and never rested always loving. The tee’s cover all those Mama feels and are showing us that we’re all in this Mama club together. Mary Jane has also shared a jumper she’s making which looks cool AF and super comfy, I can’t wait to treat myself to one.

Keep your eyes peeled for pre orders.

Loving the Mama merch, you’ve got this Mary Jane!

The tee’s …

And the jumper.

Hey Girls!

As you know I’m a huge fan of Instagram, it’s so easy to find out about new things, following hashtags or supporting causes. There is this amazing community with lot’s of support and sharing – To me that’s what it’s all about.

I’ve recently found out about Hey Girls! and I love what they are doing. They are giving a girl/woman one pack of pads for every pack you buy.


 I was SO shocked to find out that girls in the UK can’t afford sanitary products, some girls even missing school because of it. I am totally blown away with what Hey Girls! are doing. I think it’s truly amazing. When I think back to my teenage self, my periods, I honestly can’t imagine the added stress of not being able to afford products to help with my period! Even now I can’t imagine it. Periods suck, let’s be honest, they make us feel crap in a million ways and I know I’ve just said this but the added stress of not having anything to use, no wonder these girls are skipping school!

I’ve got some of the Hey Girls! campaign photos I want to share …

And here are the AMAZING ladies behind it all …

This is Celia the founder of Hey Girls!

And here she is with her daughters, Becky and Kate (right to left).

 Hey Girls! is over on Instagram and they also have a website, links below.

Not only can you buy their products online and remember it’s #buyonegiveone they have educational tools, myth busters and you can also sign up to their newsletter. LOVE, love, love.

Before you go and check them out here’s a little more info on Hey Girls!

They are a new social enterprise that is tackling period poverty in the UK.

They are the only ‘buy one, give one’ initiative currently.

Profits go to donation and education.

Their philosophy is – Girls and Young Women should never have to compromise their wellbeing or their health.

They currently have two varieties of sanitary towels available, you can buy these online. They also plan to bring out tampons by the end of 2018 and we will see Hey Girls! products in shops nationwide by spring 2018!

Go show Hey Girls! some LOVE.

I know I will be.

Wrap her up

OMG, how did I parent the first time around without a sling please? Stumped, I am stumped. I spent a lot of time online, well Instagram really, eyeing up all the baby slings, the lush fabrics, watching the ‘how to’ video’s, checking out the photo’s that would lead onto other peoples feeds. Anyway, I took my time before I bought one and in the end I was swamped for choice! I had no clue about wraps/slings/carriers I had one with Loralai but it was this chunky clip on thing and it only got used a handful of times, I do have a funny story to share about a day when I had to use it with her but yeah, clueless.

I found myself back at Free Rider Range Instagram page again and again. I bought a wrap from their classic range in charcoal grey, I LOVE grey! It came in a lovely bag with beautiful leaflets and instructions of the much needed ‘how to’. I’m not going to lie I had all the gear and no idea, ha! I had a look at it all, checked out the online video’s then put it down excited to try it all out.

My first real try was at home, AMAZE.


I am right into the new born days here, hence the bare face, Mam bun and jog pants! I don’t have a top on, I’m doing some skin on skin baby wearing, LOVE. But on this day, I got myself some freedom and beautiful baby snuggles.

Since then we have become unstoppable.

4 weeks old and off to join a local breastfeeding group, she slept on the way there and on the way back!


Here we are Christmas shopping, on the 23rd December. Who shops then? Are we crazy? Put a new born into the mix too – CRAZY! Haha, but Marcy slept the whole time, 3 whole hours!

Parent win!!

I was in desperate need of some clothes to fit this new Mam bod, so I took the first opportunity to shop, on NYE. Crazy time to shop right? Yes!

But she slept again, the whole time.

Since then we’ve been for walks, I’ve been able to eat, have a cup of tea, sit and play with my Loralai, I’ve been able to sooth Marcy, get her to sleep, the list is endless.

We even mooched out in the rain yesterday!

So you will see this on our feed, stories and I can see another blog or two as Marcy grows! Go check them out on Instagram or look on their website.

Loads of LOVE for this shop!

Next up for stuff we LOVE …

The actual BEST thing I’ve ever bought, the dreamy wrap from Free Rider Range, check out the link until I post my blog!

Women supporting women

I love it when I see something on TV, hear a story on the radio or stumble across a blog – I just love finding out about a cause or campaign when it involves women supporting women.

I love me some GRL PWR.

I love it when I see it, when I feel it, when it’s random, on purpose. You get my drift. I’m not just talking about the big things out in the world though, I mean those are great obviously. I’m talking about those little moments too, they matter. The ‘I got your back’ times, telling a stranger ‘I like your hair’, reaching out to people in need. It could be part of your job, in your personality, your ethics and values. It just makes me feel good, as I know it does for others.

All the larger campaigns, the social media/hashtags – Amazing! It’s brought more positive light to things we want to talk about, share or support. I love finding shops that sell cool tee’s or pins that send out a message or are supporting us WOMEN!

I also love this community of Mam’s I’ve come across through Instagram, I follow and feel inspired by them, I message and chat to some, buy Mama merch, share their cause! I’m in teams with some lovely Insta Mam’s too, supporting some small shops.

All the love and support people!

I often blog, share or talk about these people because I enjoy it.

I am a woman supporting women.

So of course I am wanting to share the lady love tonight!

First off I am sharing a new Instagram and blog page.

I met this lovely lady at a festival back in the day and we’ve stayed in touch, I remember us chatting all things tattoo’s and music. Now we are both babied up and trying out new things – Like blogging!

Show this Mama some love, get over to her amazing blog. She always posts the dreamiest squash food pics too. Mmmm.

I also want to shout out about this lovely lady who I met through Instagram, she will soon have her own Mama merch and I’m SUPER excited for her. I can’t wait to see what she brings out and I already know she’s doing it for an amazing cause, all from the kindness of her heart.

Sharing the Mama love this evening.

Callum’s Christmas Collection

Tonight I want to write about the bravest little boy. I recently heard his story through his wonderful sister who I have met through the forever amazing Mama community on Instagram. I would love it if you could read, share and support the amazing human who is Callum! Let’s not only fulfil his dream but many other children’s who are unwell this Christmas.

I wanted to blog this story on our ‘stuff we LOVE’ page because one of the things I love about the world is the kindness of humans. I have to admit I cried after reading the story Faye sent me, I offered straight away to blog and share it because I want to help get the message out there, family is SO important and I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this all must be for Faye’s family.

Here is his story from Faye.

Callum who is now 12 was a very normal little boy, he was a budding young ice hockey player for Whitley Warriors, he lead a very normal life until the age of 7. Callum started having seizures and deteriorating rapidly, after over 250 admissions and 18 months passing Callum took a huge decline ending up in resus. He’s been in hospital a few times before but nothing like this time, he went through 58 needles, 8 hours in resus followed by 16 days on life support.

We were told he wouldn’t survive and to say our goodbyes, but after 16 days he moved his fingers and there was hope. Callum is fighting mitochondrial disease and sadly it has no cure, being a bigger killer than childhood cancer. After being given somewhat a second chance Callum has chosen to dedicate his Christmas each year he is out of hospital to collecting gifts for those not lucky enough to be home.

He collects in donated presents and takes them to the Great North Children’s Hospital giving each child a gift. It truly makes his Christmas special, after all most of his childhood has been spent there, he first started his tradition last year as it was his first Christmas at home. Callum is having another decline and we don’t know what the outcome will be as he is already loosing his memory but he still wants to make an impact whilst he can. We need all the support we can get to make this year extra special.

You can visit Callum’s story and donate here.

Also share, share and share this story so Callum can have an amazing Christmas and the children in hospital too.

Thanks you lovely lot.

Halloween in November

We’ve kind of said our goodbye’s to Halloween 2017, it’s a sad but true affair. We’ve stretched it out with a months worth of spooky decoration’s, creating pictures and cakes, dressing up as often as we could, the parties and of course a bucket load of candy.

Trick or Treating too!

It’s been SO much fun this year! I didn’t get to celebrate Halloween last year with the it being my wedding and the honeymoon. Loralai did, but the sad thing is nobody and I mean NOBODY answered the door to her trick or treating. AND she still remembers it, ugh. My Step Dad bless him, ran down home so she could knock on the door and actually get something.


She was actually winning there right? Anyway, this year must have worked it’s magic, we went shopping, decorated the house and we’ve had loads of fun making Halloween arts and crafts. She’s baked gravestone cakes with her dad, went trick or treating more than once – each time a success! She’s dressed up for parties, wore her skeleton dress for nursery, YES! I have to add it wasn’t Halloween when she did that either, the little ledge. There’s all the sweets or candy as L likes to call them and we still have loads left too, whoop.

I’ve been loving all the Halloween clothes, I’ve managed to buy the baby some skeleton tops and things, not for Halloween but for everyday wear obvs. I can’t wait for next year already but I have SO much to look forward too in November. My baby M’s arrival, my birthday which although exciting with presents and things, yey! I’m not celebrating properly as I’ll literally just have given birth. I’ll probably cake it up a week or so after! And then it’s Christmas, eek.

I bloody LOVE Christmas and with L, a new baby and the Mr in tow it’s going to be one of the best ones yet! I can’t wait to share our traditions with you all. In the mean time here are some final Halloween snaps for you!

Halloween Month

I could not miss out on blogging over Halloween, I mean when it’s not Halloween we love all things creepy anyway! Loralai gets her love of this from me, I’ve introduced her to Tim Burton movies, we watch ‘Halloween songs for kids’ over on the ever famous YouTube, I have a lot of skeleton tattoo’s and our decor at home also includes scary stuff – Not that I would call it that, I just LOVE all things that are skeleton/skull like.

So far this month me and Loralai have Halloween shopped, bought new Halloween decorations, set up the sitting room, kitchen and hallway super spooky. She has shopped with her Nanna Julie for a costume, we have a huge bowl full of sweets, have cakes to make and more. We need to make time to sit and make our own decorations too, we still haven’t managed that yet!

Here are a few home snaps with our decorating skills. keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween blogging in October and check out Loralai’s costume over on our Instagram.

Aside to the odd few skull fixtures in the house here are our decorations which are all from Wilkinsons. Some of Loralai’s toys are in there too and so is my Nightmare before Christmas snow globe LOVE.

Our Halloween sprinkles are from B&M, so EXCITED TO MAKE CAKES!


Keep your eyes peeled for a blog full of Halloween shopping, decoration making, films and things! But for now, check out this lil beauty in her skeleton jumper, a jumper for all year round people. Not just Halloween.

Mam Treats

Over the past few days I have been feeling a little down. Pregnancy is amazing, growing a tiny human, having someone new to love SUPER LOADS, the kicks and watching Loralai kiss my belly. It’s all beautiful but not everything is amazing. I remember this feeling from last time just missing doing ‘me’ things, being in nice clothes, not feeling like my body is an obstacle of really normal things.

Like bending down to pick up toys or getting out of bed in the morning. It’s a little like stolen identity, some people will laugh and others will understand, it’s such a crazy balance. One day you are day dreaming of this new bundle of lushness, and then the next you just want to cry because your new wardrobe selection is like Granny central.

Body struggles! And it’s ok to say it, it’s ok to talk about it we all go through different things during pregnancy, in life too. It totally took me by surprise last time, wiped me straight down to the floor! It even took me a while after to finally feel some sort of comfort in my own skin. This time it has only just started to creep in, I’m 6 months into this pregnancy so I’m impressed with myself. I have to allow some Mam melt downs or moans because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be human! I know as long as I chat about it one day I’ll get back to feeling ok (about my bod).

So aside to being super excited about baby no.2, buying all the tiny baby things (EEK) and talking to Loralai about being a big sister. There has been numerous things that have made me feel better and today I’m talking Mam treats, yey! As you already know about my love of Instagram, the lovely Mam community, the cool AF shops etc. I have most definitely found comfort in all of these during my time of feeling ‘ugh’.

I got myself a new pin.

I blogged about it last time on this page, I said I would treat myself and I did! If you didn’t catch the link last time here it is again along with a snap of the pin on my jacket.

I also won a competition and bagged myself a Mama Gang tote. I was SUPER happy, I never win anything. I’d had a crappy day so seeing that I’d won brought a huge smile to my face, I mean I loved the tote bag too – Winning! But what made this even more special was the lovely chats we had, sharing stories, just nattering you know? But then the bag came, the wrapping, the sticker. Literally my whole experience was just amazing. I’ve even used the bag every day since I got it.

So here are a few snaps and a link to the shop.

And finally another lil treat to me from Betty Rat Bag.

Please go check out her page if you haven’t already, I got the breastfeeding tote, I’m SO into tote bags aren’t I? Haha.

So yeah go treat yourselves Mama’s, whether your pregnant or not!

And make sure to check out the lovely Insta shops.

World Breastfeeding Week 2017

All hail the boobies, this is most definitely a celebratory subject. Another fab topic for stuff we LOVE. I breastfed Loralai and it’s still one of the things I am most proud of. I get to do it all over again soon, yey! I’ve been telling Loralai about how I’ll be feeding the baby and about how I did the same with her. She may not fully remember but the bond we have, the closeness she loves so much and how she still loves feeling skin on skin, snuggles, ah I just love it.

And I know it’s all down to the boobies!!

“Milk? In your boobies Mam? Hehe”.

So, as we come to the end of another world breastfeeding week I wanted to share not only my love for the boobies, the love all of women’s journeys, the wonders of support, gatherings, meetings, the Mam power.

I just have to share some of my Instagram finds which I am totally treating myself to, because they are awesome and they support the boobs!

So I love pins.

I have a small collection that I wish was bigger! I do try and add to it when I can but this pin for me is a MUST. I mean just LOOK at it! Get over to More than a Mother to check out not only this pin but loads of other goodies too! Loveeeee.

Also how AMAZE is this top please? I am again planning on treating myself to this in the jumper version, I just LOVE it.

Check out these lovely’s and more over at.

SO happy world breastfeeding week you SUPERWOMEN!

Mammy and Loralai days

Obviously for our first post in here we had to share our ultimate FAVE thing to do, which is Mammy and Loralai days. Loralai asks everyday what day is it but she’s not asking is it Monday or Tuesday, she’s hoping it’s a ‘Mammy and Loralai day’ and of course she has other days that include hangs with Daddy, friends or family, nursery or sleeping out. But we both get SUPER excited about our days, it definitely helps that I have time off during the week to have our hangs, all hail the part time worker life! Haha.

So what do we do? Or more apt what do we LOVE?


Food out

The park

The pictures

Going for ice cream

As you can see all the fun things! But what’s our faves?

Shopping – We love the Metro Centre, high street shops, the sales – obvs, H&M kids is a firm fave with us. We love a good rummage in charity shops and we LOVE Ikea. We are also big fans of Instagram shops, shopping small and finding cool and quirky clothes online is loads of fun.

Food out – Loralai’s ultimate fave is Nandos, of course McDonald’s (what kid doesn’t), Gregg’s (monster sandwiches) and pizza hut. These are the places you’ll find us.

The park – This should probably say ‘outside’, Loralai would live outside if I let her. She literally loves going to the park and often asks to go. We have one in our estate which is perfect but like I said being outside, feeding ducks, long walks, the woods or the park are another firm fave over here.

The pictures – Loralai goes to the pictures more with her Dad (I always miss out) but I’ve got to work. We are super big lovers of going to see movies! Our top family picks currently are, Trolls, Sing, Lego Batman movie and Despicable Me 3. We have our sights set on Captain underpants and the Emoji movie next.

Ice cream – So ice cream is LIFE where Loralai is concerned. Trust me we have consumed A LOT of ice cream at lot’s of different places and we have never had a bad experience, hahaha. Our faves are definitely eating ice cream in the pictures, Kaspas (with her Dad), Lickety Spilt, Chilled out gelato (a new fave) and she also loves this little ice cream place she goes to with her Nanna Julie.

So basically we love hanging out, we love each others company and just having fun! I thought we could share some snaps of us over the years and I’ll also attach some links of the places we have mentioned.

Keep an eye out for more ‘stuff we LOVE’